Friday, August 04, 2006

News of the Queers


A Welsh burglar was spotted for a novel reason, and had an even more novel excuse. Out of the four participants in a burglary he was the only one apprehended because the victim recognised his distinctively camp walk. Being the "only gay in the village", as the press has predictably named him, must be hard. So hard he blames it for his criminality!! "His lawyer, Eugene Egan said Williams was reacting to 'being teased about his sexuality. He is an openly gay man and quite camp. The local youths all know what he is like and they tease him mercilessly.'"My heart bleeds.

Either Brent Corrigan has gone insane and returned to the arms of Cobra and those who have used him or Cobra's "King Cobra" has given up his sanity in his quest to discredit the Brent. I'm guessing it's the latter. Yesterday I received an email from Cobra (I don't actually remember signing up but probably did) claiming Cobra and Brent Corrigan were still working together. If any of you have seen the pictures and videos on Cobra's not-so-official Brent Corrigan page he'd be crazy to get back into bed with a company that obviously wants to make him an object of disgust and amusement. It's hard to make a naked Brent Corrigan seem disturbing (being the gorgeous man he is) but Cobra sure are trying.

No official response from Brent yet but I suspect he'll have a few things to say. Go send him a shout out of support.

Looks like 2006 is going to be the year of the gay movies Shock to the System, Another Gay Movie, Quinceanera and The Night Listener. Hollywood is mainstreaming homosexuality, just as America's sending it back to the closet. Banning gay marriage is nasty. Why not just not have it??

Gay man jailed for passing on HIV. I know this is an area of controversy and a lot of AIDS workers are concerned it'll criminalise the HIV/AIDS infected community and set back the cause of sex education. However, surely knowing you have HIV/AIDs but continuing to have unprotected sex (even protected sex) with people who haven't any idea of your status is at the very least immoral? Sure it takes two and both parties are responsible. But both sides need to be equally well informed to make responsible decisions don't you think? Knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS is assault in my opinion.

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  1. who's that? and why is he carrying a football whilst he's sitting down?

  2. Obviously he has just been engaged in a rigorous, naked game with his friends and has just got through the door and collapsed into the nearest chair to relax.

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