Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Belated Blogday

Something passed me by a few days ago... my blogs birthday (which coincidentally was exactly two years after Bloggers Birthday).

As always check out the original blog. 5 years, more templates than I can count, and 1129 posts later and I'm still here. And so, thank you very much, are you Dear Constant Reader.

Please leave me a comment today if you're passing by... even if it's an insult, an anti homosexual tirade, a smutty story or spam....


  1. Happy 5th blogay - I won't reach this milestone 'til next April ;)

  2. That should of course have read "blogday"! :)

  3. Now, who's a Blogday Boy? My you've grown. Here's to another 5, no -- let's make that 95, more blogyears.

    as for comments, I hope you get no insults, anti homosexual tirades or spam...but lots and lots of smutty stories.

    Happy Blogday!

  4. BlogMad Hit! :)

    Happy Blogday! No spam here.. and no gay-bashing (love gays.. if only I were gay.. then I wouldn't be married to the man I married.. LOL).. and no smutty stories, 'cause once again, I'm married to the man I married. :D

    Have a great one!
    Love n' kisses,

  5. happy (almost belated) blogday! wow, i was like still in high school when u started your blog....i was spending all my time google-ing random shit while you were being an uber trendsetter...kooool.
    i know quite a few krazy bloggers...but dude you'r totally sane...and funny or maybe you're really krazy and sardonic and just act sane and funny at worries....i'm almost a psychic so i'll figure u out soon...see ya at work.peacepeace.ik

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Blogday Jae!!
    Thanks for keeping going all these years. For the last year of reading you've kept me entertained, educated, humoured and just a little (oh sod it, IMMENSELY!!) jealous of your fabulous lifestyle.

    Here's to many more (would raise a glass of champers but water will have to do!).

    Mark xxx

  7. Yo Jae! We really should meet up! come down to 'great' shepway soon, go on you know you want to. I might phone you or text you soon. Anyway we must get in contact, lots of gossip to catch up on!

  8. congrats and here is my random comment.... who cares if pluto is a planet or a dwarf planet? tomatoe, tomahtoe.

  9. I started blogging around this time last year on msn spaces so I don't think it counts as a blogday. Happy Blogday! As for the smutty story, a guys walks into a bar... never mind. We have imaginations.

  10. sorry - no insults, anti-homosexual tirades (as if!), nor even a smutty story. it's still too early and i'm still too undercaffeinated to have any of that in me.

    So, Happy Blogday! Highly unoriginal, but there you have it. :P

  11. Anonymous6:21 pm

    god picked you out from all the rest,because he knew i love you best,i had a heart and it was true,but nows its gone from me to you,if your not there on judgement day,then i know you,ve gone the other to prove my love for you,id even go to hell for you.xxxx

  12. Happy anniversary. :) Here's hoping for 5 more. :)

  13. Thank you everyone, even Combat Sam.

    Erm... dear Anonymous. I'm not a big fan of anonymous comments, but that poem is one my Dad sent to my Mum before I was born (the scoundrel) so I'll let you off.

  14. Happy Blogday, Jae, and his Blog, but y would some1 leave a non-homosexual remark, if they come and read, they shouldn't be leaving any non-homo remarks.

  15. Happy blogday and thanks for a consistently interesting blog. x

  16. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Happy very belated blogday! By, the way,I am gay.. havent come out to parents!

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