Sunday, December 06, 2009

There's More To Life Than Work

That's what I say anyway. And, as you Dear Constant Reader well know, I'm always looking for way out of the rat race. I never actually get off my fat arse to do anything about it, I've been more content to sit around and moan about how unfair the world of work is.

Well I must, must, must change this. Despite what I, and probably you, might think I'm NOT stupid. Disregarding the fact I hate saying nice things about myself due to deep seated emotional issues for a moment, I know I am somewhat intelligent. But do I have any "skills"? Hmm... that is the question. I can see patterns in things, work out the underlying cause of problems pretty damn quick and retain AND share information as and when necessary. I've been referred to as "The Oracle" and "a walking Wikipedia" as I tend to know the right information that people need. That's why I quickly become to go to person in any company I work in. But is that a "skill"? Could I market that? I think not. Could I put it to use? Of course. But doing what?

I don't mind the concept of work, but I want work more on my terms. I know that I'll always need customers, so "my terms" is a negotiable concept but I must, simply must, get out of the rat race asap.

Must DO SOMETHING! I'm a human being, get me out of here!

Right time for a bit of Tom from Coach Trip...

And yes, the blog's name has changed... back once again *with the Renegade Master* to "come back to what you know". I can't help it. I always come back to what I know!! So old title and the old quote... together once again.

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  1. Marky4:25 pm

    Oh it is tough the whole work-life-balance thing, I've not got it right yet lol.

    Oh how nice it is to see the very sexy Tom, hot body and gorgeous smooth skin :P I of course am not jealous! Do your Internet research skills reveal any information about what Tom is up to these days, gone to Australia I read once? I really did think he was a friend of Dorothy :)


  2. Well whilst I cannot help directly one of Twinkleboi's mates went to school with Tom in Buckingham. I suggest all stalking related enquiries go to Twinkle ;)

    See even when I don't know things, I know where to go for info!! :p