Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Week In Briefs

Tuesday: hectic day at work as there was an inspection on. I was selected to represent my team and have an inspector listen in to my calls and ask me questions. This was followed by a trip to the 7th Floor (never been quite that high before!) for a debriefing where I was asked how many breathes I took during the visit and whether the inspector looked me in the eye. After work headed down the pub to see Jim. Won the quiz (YET AGAIN... We Are The Champions!). This was followed by many more hours of drinking and Jim and I stumbled home around 2am... slightly worse for wear.

Wednesday... another night in the pub although we finished it off before 11pm. Hair of the dog and all that. I had not felt particularly jolly at work! Ouchy head.

Thursday... more work. Fucking boring work.

Friday. Workity, workity, work. Then went out for a couple of drinks in the Hammersmith Ram before heading back to Greenwich. Horrible trip home caused by Christmas partying, stupid suits. Got to local to find Jim, Mark and Jo drinking surrounded by Mark and Jo's French friends. Cheek kissing ensued. Awkward. Then a puppeteer joined us and let us in on the next big thing... on CBeebies anyway. I stalked "new" cute bar man

It was a good night and I came home with 36 Mini Mince Pies courtesy of Denis. Score!

Now for our last lazy weekend before the move...

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  1. Glad you had a couple of good evenings. What's awkward about cheek-kissing, though? In my experience the French are two cheek-peckers (left then right), whereas the Dutch are three-cheek peckers (right-left-right); I join in at every opportunity, whether it's with men or women. I wish the British did it more. A friend of mine - a man of 50 - used to stand to attention [literally] whenever his father telephoned him; his father was an Admiral in the Royal Navy. Much too formal for my tastes ;), but that's the British upper-middle classes for you.

  2. I'm just not a fan of it. For my tastes it's a little too... forward to cheek kiss strangers. I go along with it as I'm not a total prude. But I'd prefer to keep such things among friends and family only. I'm just a bit staid I suppose!