Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Week!

Tuesday: Was quiz night! And, continuing a rather impressive winning streak broken only by the monthly music quiz and our one night off, we won again! Becoming a bit of a habit, and despite belief the contrary we do not cheat!

Wednesday: Another trip to Needoo's began with a visit to Whitechapel, and I believe the half hour I spent waiting outside Whitechapel tube station deserves a blog entry for itself. Jim, Mark and Jo eventually turned up (on time, i.e. late in Jae time ;) ) and we had a pint in the Grave Maurice. Despite it's rather "Backwater town club" feel, the staff and punters were friendly, the Stella cool and refreshing and the sofas comfy. Loaded with some beer and wine from the local shop we finally wandered up to Needoos to discover there was a power outage! We returned to the Grave Maurice for another pint in the hopes half an hour might solve the problem but when we returned we found it hadn't. We sat in the dark with a few other brave customers but eventually, after a few rounds of poppadoms and reading menus by mobile phone light, we decided to give it a miss. A shame as I did enjoy it the other week. Instead we caught a taxi back to Greenwich, and made my first ever trip through the Rotherhithe tunnel. Excitement.

In Greenwich we settled in for a good old Folkestonian meal... at the Gurkha's Inn! Mmm.. we normally get take out but I have to say it's nothing compared to a sit down meal. Tasty. It was a shame, for the owners, that we were the only customers. After Mark and Jo headed home, Jim and I partook of a cheeky one in the local before falling to sleep.

Thursday: Snow Day. Ish. I spent the whole day having my snow hopes raised and dashed repeatedly. Every flurry was a source of hope of snow and perhaps an extra day off work. I went to sleep reluctantly, desperate for a white start to the morning.


Friday: Whilst most parts of the south east were able to engage in that most British of sports, moaning about snow, we Londoners had to make do with a little light covering in some places and nothing in others. The trains were working far too well for this lazy man's liking.

But the day was spent at work dreaming of snow and the occasional flurry again created an emotional rollercoaster of despair and hope but still... nothing. Great sadness indeed!

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