Monday, December 07, 2009


When one "aims high", usually it is to aim for something grand, to better one's social position or career prospects.

Maybe it is my humble background, coming from a line of down to Earth farm and paper mill workers. Maybe it's just a crippling lack of ambition. But when I ask myself what I truly want it's not a million pounds, nor a position of power. It's peace, quiet and freedom (all with Jim of course!).

Oh I dream of a life free of work, free to travel around, free to flee from commuters and suits. I know, an impossible dream. But it's something to aim for isn't it? I don't often aspire, so maybe I should set myself a goal for once. Aim for the stars, and I might reach the moon.

Now... I've been slacking in my Brent Corrigan love this year... time to make up for that with a particularly good "Brent With The Oh So Sexy Floppy Hair Look" picture.

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