Monday, December 14, 2009

New Greenwich Train Times!

So today was the first day of Southeastern's radical new timetable. I had two very different experiences.

On the way to Cannon Street things were not going smoothly. Firstly it was pretty clear that everyone from the old 07:03 Charing Cross train and everyone from the old 07:13 Cannon Street train had decided to get the new 07:03 Cannon Street train together. Add on top of this that the train arrived 5 minutes later and you have one very uncomfortable journey in. :( Hoping that with train being on time and the "Oh my, there's a new timetable today?" crowd gone things might be a little better tomorrow.

The trip home... was absolute bliss. Cannon Street trains home were not only on time... but absoltely empty and not only did all the normal sized people get a seat but giant folk like me got one too on the 18:00!! Lovely.

Let's see if the kinks on the morning journey get ironed out, else it might be an even early morning for me from now on...

The train above is not the train from Greenwich but hopefully within the next couple of months will be. It's the South Eastern Highspeed and she's gorgeous.

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