Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hitting The Wall

Yesterday Jim woke me up fiendishly early and we headed down to see the family in Kent. We went past the Climate Camp on the way (it is only up the hill from our home admittedly). What they hope to achieve I don't know. When will they learn that they need to persuade the public, not large corporations, about their aims? Don't protest outside Barclays, protest outside a football stadium and ask why those folks keep voting in numpties election after election (if that is what you believe) and try and convince them otherwise.

It was lovely to be out of the city, where there's more grass than tarmac, more trees than lampposts and as many cows as there are people. Jim did his usual duties of fixing everyone's broken computers whilst I amused myself by spoiling Angel cat with ham, making a fuss of Noodle's the dog, feeding the fish and having the latest addition to the menagerie (a Jack Russell puppy called Bella) sleep in my arms.

Home today, via Sainsbury's, Makro and Charlton Reptiles. In the queue at Makro, there was a little upset behind us as some yappy little lady decided to have a go at the guy directly behind us who she felt had pushed in (he was off to the side resting his shopping on a display as it was heavy). I couldn't stand her high pitched, whiny voice so turned around and agreed he had been behind us and was in the correct position in the queue. She did not like this one bit, and continued to moan ("I hate it when people do this" - What prove you were wrong???) but at least stopped abusing the poor man who seemed pleased I'd backed him up, but given he was on his own against her and her husband I felt it was my duty to help him out. I felt quite proud of myself for finally having the balls to stand up for what is right against the self obsessed, ignorant bastards who seem to cause trouble every where you go.

Diet wise... it's 5 weeks today! But I feel like I've hit a wall these last two days. It could be because my brother George decided to sit next to me yesterday eating a Cadbury's Dairy Milk. This would have been alright if he hadn't kept holding it under my nose and then making loud "mmmm"-ing noises as he ate it and stared pointedly at me. Little git. Anyway, I've kept strong but think after 5 weeks it might be time to "treat" myself. Something small, and a one off. We'll see if that helps stem my desperate need for something junk food like.

Finally finished Fast Food Nation: What the All-American Meal is Doing to the World - Eric Schlosser, an excellent breakdown of what bad business practice in corporations is doing to capitalism and allsorts of different ways of life.

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  1. British Bear1:24 pm

    The way I'm approaching this Paleo diet thing is not to be too slavish to it (I've tried that with other diets and failed because it was so inflexible). The odd treat is OK.

    Likewise if I'm dining out I'm not going to turn down any foods offered, but at home and shopping for lunch do the best I can within the Paleo boundaries. I am amazed at how much rice, pasta and potato products I have been eating just because they are quicker and easier to prepare that healthy veg!

    My biggest problem is breakfast. With no cereals or toast, and only six eggs a week - what do you have that's filling?

  2. Breakfast is a very tough one. To start off with I was rather "lax" and had muselli with yoghurt. But now I've taken the strict but lazy route and gone for a fruit salad (pineapple, apples, strawberries, melon etc.). Next step is go more savoury and perhaps have some chicken or something ready for the morning.

  3. British Bear7:40 am

    Yuck. I'm a martyr to Frosties.

  4. YUCK! Hang your head in shame! ;)