Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pecularlatities And Fly Traps

OK... I have this thing. I tend to pull down the blinds in the kitchen when I'm in there. It drives Jim absolutely crazy as I tend to forget to put them up again. Well this came back to bite me in the bum the other day when, whilst I was at work, the blinds had blown inwards and pushed Nuf the Venus Fly Trap off the windowsill and into a half full sink.

When I got home she was covered in quinoa, and looked very poorly. I repotted her, gave her a quick wash with deionised water and put her back on the windowsill. Thankfully, today I found her looking a lot better and seemingly thriving again with even more traps on their way.

Fingers crossed that keeps up!!

Poor Gibbs the Bearded Dragon was shedding his skin today and being driven slightly potty by it. He ran around his vivarium, rubbing his back on every object he could find. Finally it came off and he celebrated by requesting to be let out and perching on his little stand by the window so he could watch the world go by. He is an absolutely diamond pet. I recommend everyone gets a Gibbs!!

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