Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Hate Confrontation

Today Jim and I headed over to Makro for some shopping, and on the way ran into a little spot of bother.

We were driving down past the Post Office depot, and were just pulling up to the junction there, when three chavvy looking kids reach the island in the middle of the road on their BMXs. They didn't really see Jim until we were nearly on top of them and pulled to a quick stop at the kerbside. As we pulled up alongside them one of them, who I guess was 18, mouthed off at Jim with some... choice phrases...

Jim took exception to this and suggested the boy say that again, which he did. The three kids rode off, but then (once he thought he was at a safe distance) the mouthy one got off his bike and started up again. Jim suggest he come say this to his face, and the boy agreed.

Jim got out of the car and they were facing off against each other, whilst the boys rather gormless male and female companions (who looked about 14) stared on, when I got out of the car (don't say I'm reluctant to pull my weight in a confrontation).

I unfolded myself from the car, in a Jae stylee, and took great amusement in seeing the gormless mate's faces turn from concern to downright horror.

I don't know if it was connected but very shortly after the boy facing off against Jim saw me looming on the other side of the car he made a quick retreat to a safe distance by his bike and whilst continuing to mouth off he lead his mates away, maintaining some of his street cred but not that much. Bless him. As we rounded a nearby roundabout I saw him starting a fight with another poor car driver. Must be his time of the month.

Fight ended with no violence and foul mouthed youth duly put in his place by Jim.

So no major issue, and no cars delayed behind us as it was over fairly quick, but still I'm absolutely rubbish in situations like that. Adrenaline leaves me feeling sick, shaking and unhappy even thinking about situations like that so you can imagine I was none too happy after all that palarva. I run from confrontation, which I think is part of the reason I hate most people. I see them doing/saying stupid things and never pull them up on it. Jim at least has the strength of his conviction to think that you can't just swear at someone in public for no reason and get away with it. He stood up to this young bully and, in a small way, won. Maybe we all should stand up to those who make our lives hell through their aggressive and unnecessary behaviour.

Thankfully the guy never got to realise I'd be useless in a fight. In fact I've never really been in a fight at all, thanks mainly to the fact no one has yet been silly enough to push it to the limit.

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