Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Procrastinating Can Be Fun

Despite my best efforts to be extremely lazy, last night Jim took me out to the Rodizio Rico restaurant at the O2 (my review here). I have to admit, I've never been to the O2 before. I know, I've lived in Greenwich for 5 years. I'm a bad person.

It's pretty nice in there, plenty of choice of restaurants, although I can imagine it's hell on a gig night. Saw (out of the corner of my eye, I didn't make a pilgrimage after all!) the Michael Jackson shrine which was surrounded by insane people. Strangely enough.

All in all, a nice evening with Jim.

Today Jim has briefly popped to work, and having put off getting my haircut for nearly three weeks, I roused myself from my procrastinating in front of Twitter and headed down the barbers. Thankfully, it being a working day, I was the only customer and so the hellish experience (for me anyway) of being in a barber's chair was mercifully short. An example of how bad my hair had gotten: my barber was able to brush some hair growing from the side of my head and it went over to the other side. Ouch. Anyway, I've got it marine-cut short again and having looked in the mirror I am most pleased. With a thinner face and a hair cut I'm returning to how I looked 5 years ago. It's spurned me on to continue with my diet.

Took a walk to Lewisham to get some curry leaves for Jim's dinner tonight (when I say Jim's dinner I mean he's the one cooking, so I think it only fair I do some of the hard work) and stocked up on fruits and nuts. Some guys in the queue next to me thought that because I had my iPod in I couldn't hear them making fun of my height. Sadly they hadn't reckoned that the height they were making fun of was me at a slouch and so I raised myself to my full height and gave them a very pointed stare. I was so suitably satisfied with their embarrassed looks and total silence from that point on, that I didn't think I needed to press the point. I'm tall, not deaf. When will people learn. I also, at my current weight, can cause serious damage if I decide to sit on you. Really folks, why can't they be a little more discrete? I'm just thinking of their own well being.

Returned home feeling a lot better with my hair cut and with some fruits to snack on, and returned to procrastinating.

Time off work can be very difficult.

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