Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yoinked from World Asian Beauty

Picked up Jim from hospital today, and feel a lot better having him home again. Saw Religulous which was actually pretty good. Sure I found the way Bill Maher a little rude at points, and the editing seemed somewhat... obvious, shall we say. But overall the bizarre nature of the religious came through loud and clear, although the complete denial of the Muslim interviewees at the end of the show left even me shocked (and I read FSTDT!)

The Sun's headline today (seen as I peered across at a fellow tube passenger from behind my Guardian, might I add!) was "The Porn Ultimatum". Come on Sun writers! That gags already been used, to far more success, in the rather excellent Porne Ultimatum, starring everyone's favourite porn star Mr. Brent Corrigan. Talking about that story I have a few opinions

1) expressed in my Twitter feed yesterday: who pays for porn? I mean, I used to buy porn DVDs but then the internet got faster and I saw no need for them any more. Honestly... What a waste of £10.
2) Given the huge sums of money involved in the Government's bail outs of the banks, and even with the rest of the MP expenses non story, £10.00 really isn't the issue here. Move on folks.
3) MPs expenses are a drop in the ocean compared to the money we are spending on bonuses for the even more inept banking executives out there. Perhaps we might wish to bring our attentions back to bringing the world out of financial crisis before we start dealing with the little things. Sometimes the press does the Governments job for them, distracting the criminally stupid with titilating side stories whilst the really rich laugh all the way to their off shore bank (although I understand that the off shore banks aren't half as dodgy as some of the American states banking practices). And off shore is so early noughties.

And amazingly people seem to be surprised that Iraq, a state where the insane religious people have far more power than they did before we (the Coalition of the Willing) invaded, might be about to start officially executing homosexuals (as readers know, last month we all watched a video on the unofficial executions, didn't we!). Hardly news worthy, considering plenty of other countries have long prison sentences and/or the death penalty for homosexuality. Iraq would just be another wonderful addition to that dirty club.

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  2. I stoppped reading when I read "Brent Corrigan" and went into a nice dream!


  3. And thought it said, "Blent Colligan!"