Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jae Takes A Walk And Gets A Job

Yesterday was a busy day in which very little happened.

Case in point; I spent my lunch break taking a walk. Just a random hour long stroll around west London. Boring, huh? Yet somehow it cheered me greatly. Used to be I would go on my "Long Walks" (as I called them named after Stephen King's excellent book!) for bad reasons. It started when my parents began throwing me out of the house as a young teenager after we moved to a new place in the hopes I'd go mingle and make yet another set of new friends (no thanks, I liked the old ones!). Instead I'd wander the streets of Folkestone come rain or shine, just thinking. I hated having to do it at the time. Then there were the times during my depression when I'd take Long Walks just to get away from it all, wandering up to the North Downs and out in the country. My Long Walks in the city began when I first ran away and, having nothing better to do, wandered London, Paris, Valence, Marsailles, Menton, Florence and Rome until my little long legs could carry me no further. Finally last year during my unemployed phase I implemented extensive Long Walks to central London just to pass the time.

So as you can see these Long Walks hardly encompass happy times in my life. But... now they seem to be one of the things that make me the most happy. Yesterdays walk, listening to the "sound sex" that is Stephen Fry's podcast, really put a spring in my step, it was a lovely day, I was seeing new things (even if they were as exciting as just a new Tesco Express I didn't know existed) and admiring the pretty men and college boys on their lunch break. Wonderful.

So I returned to my desk at work with a smile which was sadly wiped off my face within fifteen minutes by news that the position I was applying for had been "temporarily closed". Angry that I hadn't put in place a Plan B like a I had last year, I was determined to start applying for new jobs immediately.

Less than an hour, and one fire alarm, later and suddenly I found myself being called up to the 5th Floor... to find myself being given "feedback" on my interview. My interviewers drew it out for two minutes with phrases like "We must remember there were a great many applicants for the position." I got myself prepared for disappointed... when suddenly they broke out, told me they couldn't get up the charade any more and that I had got the job!!! I'll still be temping until the contract is signed, and based on others past experiences that might be some time yet, but finally the security of a permanent position, and the legal requirement for advance notice of termination, is in sight. Happy times.

Plus I saw Tube Boy today. Mmmm....

Sadly this weekend was not as good with plans to go to Lympne scuppered by traffic and car problems (Blackheath remains closed causing immense traffic jams outside my house). And plans for a quiet weekend was squashed when it became apparant that due to a clerical error Jim's residents parking pass was two months two short giving us a weekend of worry as parking tickets began to pile up. :( Hopefully now a new pass has been issued correcting the mistake these tickets can be contested.

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  1. I love long walks, longer the better I think, although, the leg with metal in it tends to hurt after a few miles. Anyways, congrats to you on the new position. Well done. x

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