Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jade Ewen To Represent The United Kingdom At Eurovision

The final show of "Your Country Needs You", Britain's latest Eurovision selection show, aired last night revealing both the UK's entrant and song choice for the 2009 Eurovision song contest in Moscow (and also featuring the ever gorgeous Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan)

Jade Ewen was brought into the programme after the official selection process had finished suggesting she had always been the production teams choice over a rather lacklustre group of 5 other entrants. Whilst awkward on stage she certainly does have the requisite singing and dancing ability. Plus she looks good too.

At the same time the new song, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren, was unveiled. "My Time" is, unsuprisingly, heavily influenced by the musicals so beloved of the two writers. My only concern is it seems less like one of the big numbers and more like one of the filler songs such as "Castle On A Cloud" in Les Mis. They're good but not memorable or remarkable.

However given that our last stellar performance was the third place "Come Back" by Jessica Garlick in 2002, another ballad by a female solo artist, perhaps this is our best hope in years.

The fact the song has been chosen fairly early and the BBC news story about the selection suggests Jade is to tour Europe promoting the song bodes well for once (have they been reading my blog where I've been bleating on about European promotion for years? ;) )

Good luck Jade, bring it home!!

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  1. The song needs to be catchy - i.e. full of hooks and have a beat (to appeal to the East Europeans). This doesnt work for me at all. I listened to it twice and cant recall the melody. Sorry to say that, despite her great voice, we could well finish near the bottom again!

    BUT... I have never been right with a Eurovision tip EVER!!

  2. I actually agree with you, but I try to be positive once the decision has been made...

    It's not catchy at all... I kept waiting for the catchy chorus but it never came.

  3. I didn't watch any of the selection heats and have just listened to the person selected to sing Lloyd Webber's song in your embedded video just now.

    She has a powerful voice and the song is a nice, if unexciting ballad; very much a 'musical' production as you say; it reminded me of many of the French ballads sung at Eurovision in years got by, which rarely got anywhere.

    I did catch the last segment of yesterday evening's broadcast, however, but really only so I could watch Dima Bilan; apart from his awful hairstyle at present, he looks as good as ever; maybe we should offer him a passport, then he could sing for us.

    I'll still be in Spain when the contest takes place (I leave in a couple of weeks) so will have the theoretical possibility of voting for the UK, but instead not for Spain, but I usually vote for what I consider the best choice irrespective of where it comes from - last year I switched from France and Denmark (who I had liked a lot) at the last minute as soon as I heard Dima singing for Russia.

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