Sunday, February 01, 2009

Eurovision In Britain: Permision To Moan

Good Lord above, aren't British people whiny gits? Moan, moan, moan; it's all you hear from the lot of us.

I think it's too much to hope that previous, now gone, generations were any less cynical and downright belligerent. But I still try to imagine that once upon a time there was some optimism and good nature in the collective soul of the British people.

Sure, Eurovision is just a song contest and how people feel about it is hardly the most important topic of our times. But I do feel the reactions to it are indicative of the reactionary, old fogeyism that has settled upon people of all ages in this country. It can be seen in the downright idiotic protectionist protests of the last week (guys we had this argument in the 19th century... free traders won. Let's not start it all up again), and it can be seen in the uncharitible feelings held between all our home nations.

So let's take a look at the wild entries on the BBC's Have Your Say section (for a more regular view at the hilarious/terrifying commentators over there check out spEak You're bRanes)...

It doesn't matter if Jade is the new Madonna, or if the song was the best thing ever written, we still don't stand a chance of winning. Nobody in Europe, especially Eastern Europe likes us or would vote for us, they are only interested in working over here and sending as much money back to their own families and countries. We should give up and let them get on with it. After all, our music speaks for itself on international music charts.
Janet Shaw, Romford, United Kingdom

Ooo... topical. Can't think why Europeans would hate us when we go around saying things like that. Hmm... nope... no reason. You're a self fulfilling prophecy Janet!

Why did Jade not go through the same audition process of the rest of the
hopefuls? Why was she a late entrant? These questions really do need to be addressed to stop the rumours that she was a plant.On the night I thought the twins version was the better eurovision chance
Lesley, Nuneaton

Oh yes, the conspiracy theories, well you saw it here first guys! I mentioned this half heartedly days ago. Her credibility falters at the point she thinks the Twins would be a better choice. Truly Lesley, you must be tone deaf!

Everyone in the uk should boycott this years show and refuse to watch this rubbish until they change the voting system. It is becoming the Slavovision song
contest with the ridiculous childish voting antics that were started years ago
by the Greeks and the Cypriots. They should have stopped them doing it then. Now
it has become the norm. Time to stop this national humiliation every year. Why
do we do it?
Alice Klahr, Kingston

Here's some statistical analysis from 2007 showing that block voting (which does exist but more for cultural reasons and due to more exposure for neighbouring countries songs than political reasons, I mean the Irish hate us but they always seem to give us some points!) is not as prevalent as the likes of Alice and Terry Wogan would have one believe. Plus isn't this a great thing to teach our children, when the odds are stacked against you, just give up! Absolutely wonderful.

It would be easier to state what I do NOT like about the Eurovision Song Content. It is a farce. I have never heard of, seen or heard of this Jade Ewen. And I do not wish to. She is a nobody that one man has chosen to stand up for Britain. It is not valid that one chap will decide and of course he is monied. I hate this contest and feel exactly the same as Terry Wogan about it. I think this year he is not bothering himself about such a fixed, put-up show. J
It's nothing but a farce. Joy
Joy Pattinson, Switzerland

Does anyone really think the BBC would be so stupid as to actually fix the public vote after the last couple of years of scandal? Does Joy even know there was a public vote?

Couldn't care less. I'm not British. And most of all I've not watched this show since my childhood days. I won't until they change the rules, requiring every nation to submit a song in their own language. Actually the idea of such an event is great and could be a symbol of European integration just as much as the Euro currency, but in it's current form it is not even worth watching as a joke.
[markus_uk], United Kingdom

You have some strong opinions for someone who couldn't care less.

Honestly, sometimes I think the whole country is just full of dreary sceptics and cynics.

Good luck to Jade, fingers crossed for a victory! And if you don't win, at least you gave it a shot. That is really what counts after all.

Right... I need a Dima moment to calm myself down.

Plenty to moan about there, but no complaints ;)

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