Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Gay Sequel - Gays Gone Wild

I know, without my own laptop at home I am totally behind with everything... Sarah Connor Chronicles, podcasts and, of course, movies.

But finally today I managed to watch Another Gay Sequel after months of excited waiting.

Another Gay Movie was hilarious. It had bad acting, and was totally puerile, but it had a way about it that made me love it. Plus the soundtrack was awesome. Personally I think it was one of the few gay movies to break the mold out of the same old, same old rubbish that is usually released by TLA and the rest (although that doesn't stop those movies from gracing Jim and mine own over extended DVD collection).

Anyway... Another Gay Sequel was quite a disappointment when judged against the first movie. The acting was even worse, I know of Perez Hilton but see no reason for him featuring so prominently (acting is not one of his strong points, and given that I've never read whatever it is that makes him famous I don't know what his strong points are...), and the jokes were few. But still I did enjoy the movie. The guys were even hotter this time round, the cookiness was high and it's overall message seemed to be pretty darn good! Plus... Brent Corrigan not only managed to be even cuter than normal (a difficult, near impossible task I thought) as Stan the Merman but he acted his small swim-on-role far better than anyone else acted theirs throughout the rest of the movie.

The opening was a truimph mixing a Wizard the Oz homage with a quick explanation for why 3 of the 4 main roles had new actors (I especially enjoyed Nico's mum breaking the fourth wall to criticise the straight actors choosing not to return this time). But it sort of empathised what was wrong with the movie... Muffler, Nico's mum and Andy's parents were the best parts of the original. If only they had been featured more this time round.

Although I have to say Jimmy Clabots (the new Jarod) has amazing nipples.

Buy them here:

Another Gay Movie(UK Amazon, US Amazon)

Another Gay Sequel (UK Amazon,US Amazon)

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  1. I was too, a little disappointed. It was campier which was good and the scenery was marvelous but eh...I haven't watched it twice yet.

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