Saturday, May 31, 2008

Silence In The Library: Doctor Who 4.08

Wow. Just simply... wow.

This was the best episode of the season soon far and absolutely had me hooked within just a few minutes. The Doctor and Donna arrive on an empty library planet after the Doctor picks up a signal. Soon a group of "explorers" arrive lead by a future (!) companion of the Doctor, River Song. They soon discover the reason for the empty library... shadow monsters called the Vashta Nerada. Then it gets really good... oh why did they have to make it a two parter??? WHY?

Can't wait for next week.

God I Used To Love The Munsters!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Amazon Tribes

For years I've been fascinated by the fact that there are still "uncontacted" people hidden away on this planet. Now we have some truly amazing photos from a recent Brazilian mission to capture proof that these tribes exist. The Brazilian government is determined to protect these people from the terrible problems that have occurred when other uncontacted tribes have been encountered (I'm looking at you Mr Columbus).

Part of me believes that these people have a right to know of our world, our medicines and offered the opportunity to choose whether they wish to give up their way of life or not. But a big part of me knows that is idealistic clap trap. These people have no natural immunities to our diseases and any contact between "them" and "us" would lead only to pain and suffering.

The Brazilian Government is absolutely right to have sought proof of their existence so they might better argue for protection of the people themselves and for the areas they live in.

This is one of the most interesting news stories I've ever seen. Imagine... a group of people living in complete seclusion from our current world. Wouldn't you love to know what they think about? What are their stories? Let's just hope some stupid idiots don't attempt to contact them to find out... although I'm already imagining some fool somewhere arranging an expedition...

Raise Your Hand If You Think Fundies Are Silly

Rapture Ready is a website for those Christians who think we are living in the end times/really can't wait to escape the Earth and be beamed up to Heaven. It is highly disturbing stuff in which pretty much any bad news is picked up as cause to believe the end of the world is nigh!

My current "favourite" thread is about how God is using current disasters to get the word about Jesus out to people... before the end times of course. They suggest we are living in especially strange and uncertain times.

This kind of comment always amuses me. The times we live in now are strange and uncertain, just as every period of time there has ever been. The Victoria age of colonisation was a strange and uncertain time. The Roman expansion was a very strange and uncertain time. And the mysterious events that "ended" the Bronze Age? I can only imagine they might have been some of the strangest and most uncertain times man has ever known.

Guys... natural disasters are incredibly tragic, if sometimes awe inspiring in scale, events that have no meaning and can cause create fear and pain to many thousands. And the disasters we are currently seeing in the world are no more unusual than any disasters to befall this planet any time in last hundred years (let alone across the billions of years since the Earth was created). They cannot be taken as a sign of the, supposed, End Times.

Just look at the list of KNOWN (and I must stress that word... there is a high amount of "recent" disasters listed but that's because news wasn't a high priority hundreds of years ago) disasters by death toll.

Surely the thirties were more likely to be "the end times" what with the worst disaster known to man (floods in China), the Great Depression, the beginnings of the Second World War in the Pacific and the beginnings of the Nazi regime in Europe. But we survived. I hardly think this decade can even begin to compete in terms of horror and suffering with that blighted time (the 9/11 attacks were tragic but hardly on the same scale, even the horrors of the 2004 tsunami are in the little league compared to that time).

Then we can look further back... to the Black Death... a third of the population of Europe died. Or the Spanish Flu? The whole world suffered. Surely those were far worse than anything we have known in my lifetime?

Those who seek to turn people's tragedy into some form of evidence for a messed up fantasy world view are disgusting. There was no reason for the cyclone in Burma nor the earthquake in China. They just happened (and science can explain HOW they happened...there is no "why" however). And the effects (the loss of face for Burma and the kudos for China) are not "divinely" inspired. They are simply based on very real, very human, factors.

I wish that Christian fundamentalists would study this world, and it's fascinating history. They would see that the times we live in are eclipsed in strangeness by some truly intriguing moments in our history. And no God had nothing to do with them... which just goes to make them even more interesting (and sometimes terrifying).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pat Buchanan Wouldn't Understand Morality If It Bit Him On The Arse

Pat Buchanan blames the Holocaust on Winston Churchill!

Well actually in the article quoted on that link he blames it on the British-Polish alliance. According to him we should never have signed that agreement and left the Poles to die just as we had to the Czechoslovkians.

Now firstly can I point out that Winston Churchill was not Prime Minister when WWII broke out. I know it's hard for some old, stupid American right wingers to study basic history but if he is going to write a book on the subject again can he please note the Prime Minister at the time was Neville Chamberlain. You remember him? Tall guy, wears silly hats, "Peace in our time"? Not ringing a bell? Shame.

We were reluctant to go to war and to suggest the situation with Poland (when we signed a treaty only on the eve of battle [ok... Phoney war!]) is similar to current NATO deals and the war in Iraq is to LIE through ones teeth or show a level of historical understanding on a par with a 3 year old.

Now some suggest in the comments on that page that he actually blames Churchill not capitulating after Dunkirk for the Holocaust. Now, no offense, but Winston's decision to call for a defense of this country at all costs turned out to be the right one. If we had capitulated then there would have just been even more victims for the Nazi death machine. Just look at the black book they had ready during Operation Sea Lion.

Mr Buchanan is one of those odious creatures that one does try to avoid, but when I read this interview I almost bashed in my computer screen in disgust. Winston Churchill had his faults but Pat Buchanan is not even worthy of comparison to the former Prime Minister. Makes me sick.

Jim Just Found This

Made me smile!

Random Happy Days

Bishop Of Rochester Tilts At Windmills

The Bishop of Rochester has lashed out at the principles of tolerance, decency and fairness. He believes that these values are not as good as Christian "transcendental principles" (for this read anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia and anti-stem cell research. Last time I read the New Testament Christ was talking about some rather more philosophical ideas than those but hey, he's a Bishop! What do I know?!). He also believes, without any real demographic evidence, that Islam is filling the "moral vacuum" left by the collapse of the Anglican Church. Please... the moral decay in this country is nothing new and is quite unrelated to religion. British culture is the real issue...

He is one of the most powerful fundies in the Anglican Church and his idiotic comments are infamous. He's had a go at everything and everyone from his future boss to the Anglican Church (that's his own church by the way). But he really does love to take pot shots at his Muslim compatriots.

This is not a true Christian man. This is an angry man in a position of power. Get him out now!

The Big 4's position in Eurovision is up for discussion. Good! It's time Britain allowed itself to engage in a fairer fight. Here is Terry Wogan bemoaning how unfair Eurovision is now, whilst he's working for the country with an unfair advantage! But I admit I also want to see other countries paying their share for this wonderful event.

Despite being somewhat of a Royalist, I quite agree it was time for the Nepalese King to go. He was a tyrant and he showed us exactly why absolute monarchy is a system with some serious flaws.

However let's not get too Republican happy. The main forces in the new Nepalese Republic are the Maoist parties. Let's just hope they have learnt from the past mistakes of Communism and respect the Nepalese people by defending, rather than destroying, a new democratic republic.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Thai Movies

Satree Lek, Iron Ladies, is a brilliant movie. Sure it's not the deepest, or the cleverest, movie around. But it's good for a laugh.

Based on a true story of a group of gay and kathoey Thai's winning the national mens volleyball championships... it's been one of those movies I've heard of but never seen for a very long time and I'm glad I finally got a chance to see it.

Funny and sweet.

Beautiful Boxer is an amazing movie based on another true story. It's an interesting journey from gender confused child through to Muay Thai boxer and on to kathoey-hood. Check it out, and for the real person it's based on see Nong Thoom

Can you, Dear Constant Reader, guess what my current obsession is?

Social Experiments

Before I went away I left my work keys somewhere secure and in the three weeks between then and getting back I, fairly predictably, forgot where that secure place was.

So the last week I've not had them, which isn't a problem for me as there are now people who actually get to work before me (YAY!). However it would appear I'm the only person with keys for doors to other locks, and it's been fairly amusing watching the chaos and mess that has ensued.

It has kind of persuaded me that the people I work with are not as clever as even I had optimistically hoped and has helped me with a decision I'll mention below...

But anyway... I brought my keys today... unlocked all the side doors and secret rooms that make life here somewhat easier... and they are all so conditioned by last week that they aren't even using them anymore. HA HA. Which proves that all the fuss of last week was absolutely not necessary.

So today I feel like doing something kind of reckless... resigning without any other job lined up. I've written my letter but my boss is off today so I have one more day to think about it. If I did resign my leaving date would be 31/07/2008.

I feel like I'm being treated badly here, that the company is now going in a direction I really don't want to follow, and that I'm so over customer service on the phones. What would I do? ANYTHING. Work in a shop. Become a civil servant. I quite like the idea of a security guard job... that'd be interesting. Anything that doesn't involve a customer service in the way I do it now. I know most jobs do require customer service but trust me... it's quite majorly different to what we do here, even if I now only answering one or two calls a day myself.

I really want to resign. I mean the very thought of resigning fills my heart with a sunny, happy feeling that makes me want to skip down streets singing musical numbers. And that's despite of my intense fear of unemployment. The dark terror that has kept me here is now actually completely obliterated by my urge to be free. That says something quite powerful to me.

Also not having a job as of August might force me to get off my fat arse and look for something more suitable.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Serial Killers, Music and Thai Movies

I got into Dexter whilst I was away and just finished the second series yesterday. What an awesome show. As one of those people who has always harboured a macabre interest in serial killers I think it's really an interesting moral dilemma. A serial killer of killers? Is that a good or bad thing?

Although Dexter does have a rather annoying way of forgetting highly important events from his past, only remembering them at the very last moment before that knowledge is needed.... grr...

Germany is fretting over it's poor Eurovision showing. Well I can explain... your act could not sing on the night. It was appalling. Case closed!

Just finished watching "The Love Of Siam" (Directors Cut). That is one hell of a powerful and emotional movie. The Thai "Beautiful Thing" but with a little bit more class. I think it's going to be one of those movies that stays with me for a while.

P.S. Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul kissing; HOT.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm A European, Get Me Out Of Here

Oh God darn it. Slightly bored and with nothing better to do I went and read the BBC's Have Your Say section about Eurovision. How depressing. Just a bunch of bitter people parroting the same old discredited complaints about Eurovision.

A question for my wonderful non-British readers, do people in your countries moan as much or spell things quite as badly as us Brits?

Sometimes I wonder how we managed to maintain an empire for so many decades when I suspect everyone back home was moaning about all the effort and cost.

But let's think positively and oogle this picture of Dima yoinked from Uroskin

How can you say that body shouldn't have won Eurovision? ;)

And the winner is...

The gorgeous Dima!!!! aka my husband.

See some voting analysis here.

To be honest, beyond the fact that Greece got so many points (shame on us for the 12 points given, have the British no taste at all? And points to Latvia... I'm so ashamed), I think the voting was actually fairly spot on. Sure Sweden should have done better but hey... if even the Nordic block abandoned them then it obviously just wasn't up to the job.

Dima's performance on the night was great, but not as good as his open shirt second end of show performance. Mmmm...

Ukraine fumbled some parts and did not really deserve the win, even if I so wanted them to.

Greece.. yuck.

Armenia doing so well was a big surprise for me. But now I have Qele Qele stuck in my head so obviously there's something to it.

Sir Terry made some rather obnoxious comments about Bosnia doing so well. Well Sir Terry most people I've asked over the last week LOVED Bosnia. It was quirky, but fun.

I am disturbed by how well Croatia did.

*LATER* More vote analysis on West/East voting patterns. We really aren't that much different.

Comments On The UK In Eurovision

I'm quite disillusioned. I never thought my own country could be such bitter, bitchy and pathetic losers. But you live and learn I suppose.

Terry Wogan should stand down as commentator. His comments at the end of the show were completely inappropriate.

Sir Terry, who has commentated on the competition since the 1970s, said: "Russia were going to be the political winners from the beginning."

He told viewers: "I think it's tremendously disappointing from the point of view of the United Kingdom.

"Andy Abraham gave, I think, the performance of his life with a song that certainly deserved far more points than it got when you look at the points that Spain got, that Bosnia-Hercegovina got - some really ridiculous songs."

Sir Terry said his producer, Kevin Bishop, was stepping down after this year's contest.

"He and I have to decide whether we want to do this again," he said.

"Indeed, western European participants have to decide whether they want to take part from here on in because their prospects are poor."

Andy Abraham did not give the performance of his life. I thought he may have stumbled his opening and I've never really liked the song. It was ok but did not stand out at all. Sorry Andy, I'm just being honest.

And the only reason it got through our qualifiers? Because Sir Terry Wogan went against the decision of the UK public and chose Andy as a wildcard for the second voting round scuppering Michelle Gayles chances. May this lose be on his head.

Now I'm not going to deny there is a lot of "political" voting in the contest. But I think it's more than just voting for countries you like. I think the countries proximities may in some cases simply mean the song they vote for has been promoted well prior to the contest. Dima for instance is a big star in Russia and in the former USSR. So it's no wonder people chose his song. I'd be interested to know how many countries Andy Abraham visited prior to going to Serbia? How many television and radio slots did he perform on?

And the Big 4 don't take part in the semi finals. Personally I choose my favourite based on the semi finals, and I don't change my mind very often. I suspect others do the same. If you chose Ukraine as I did, and then saw Andy Abrahams performance on the night would you have changed your vote? Don't think I would... it was forgettable. I've got plenty of songs from last night stuck in my head, but I can't even remember the words to our entry.

I think it's time the Big 4 said "We want to share the load" and stop being the privileged Big 4. It sends out an elitist message and I think a lot of other countries need to start pulling their financial weight. It would then be a lot fairer, we could perform in the semi finals and we could perhaps get our song out there for people to start enjoying prior to the main contest.

So Britain, stop being poor losers and put on the traditional stiff upper lip. This is war, and we need to make sure next year we go in with all guns blazing. But I suspect most Brits enjoy this moaning about losing and simply won't bother to help chose a good song next time round.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The 53rd Eurovision Song Contest

So tonight is the night we've all been waiting for. You can watch live here.

Here we go.... It's Terry time!!!

OK... opening number is a gay marriage?? How very Eurovision!

As much as he makes some unnecessary comments about Eurovision, you just can't help loving Terry Wogan!

Romania "Pe-o margine de lume" - Nico & Vlad Miriţă

This song is a really nice duet in Romanian and Italian and is actually rather good. It's not my usual cup of tea but still a nice way to start off the night.

United Kingdom "Even If" - Andy Abraham

I'm not going to pretend I've ever really liked this song. Sorry Andy. But I do pray we get some points!!!

I could barely hear this at some points. Sound problems or voice problems? AH! Poor Andy.

Bring it home!!

Albania "Zemrën lamë peng" - Olta Boka

Not a big fan of this one but it's the best Albanian entry for years. No silly hats for instance.

Germany "Disappear" - No Angels

The version of this I've got on my iPod has some very awful singing on it so I was interested to hear it on the night.

Sadly it wasn't just the version on my iPod that was iffy. Good song, shame about the singing.

Armenia "Qele Qele" - Sirusho

Great opening, the voice was spot on and I do like this song. But... her voice just wasn't up to some parts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina "Pokušaj" - Elvir Laković Laka

I LOVE THIS SONG. But I don't know why. It's just mad and made me smile.

Israel "Ke'ilo kan" - Bo'az Ma'uda

Pretty boy singing and an okay song. But not in my favourites list.

And as is my Mums standard mark for Israel "Nil Point - Stop Killing Palestinians" (note I don't exactly agree with the statement [well I do but I think it could be worded better] but it's a family Eurovision tradition.)

Finland "Missä miehet ratsastaa" - Teräsbetoni

I really like this song.

Croatia "Romanca" - Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents

As Terry said... it's men in hats and a grumpy old man. I don't like this song at all.

Poland "For Life" - Isis Gee

Personally I think this song is very boring. Amazing teeth on Isis though. I'll be interested to see how many points we give, I wonder if the Polish diaspora will influence the British vote...

Iceland "This Is My Life" - Eurobandið

Great song. And a very enthusiastic performance. I hope Iceland do well.

Turkey "Deli" - Mor ve Ötesi

I think this is a good solid song. I don't expect it to win but it deserves some votes.

OH NO! It's the Green Room. Why do they always choose the most annoying people to do the Green Room segments???

Portugal "Senhora do Mar" - Vânia Fernandes

I hate this song. Sorry, but it's boring... it's called Lady of the Sea and she looks like Ursula from the Little Mermaid?? This can't be a coincidence...

Latvia "Wolves of the Sea" - Pirates of the Sea

Honestly, the name says everything you need to know about this song.

Sweden "Hero" - Charlotte Perrelli

It's the favourite!! But you know what... I have a sneaking suspicion that the Ukraine will pip Charlotte at the post. I like the song, it's fun.

Denmark "All Night Long" - Simon Mathew

It's alright. But hardly of a calibre to win in my opinion...

Georgia "Peace Will Come" - Diana Gurtskaya

I like the chorus. My brain says it's an awful song. My heart says "Hey it's not that bad!".

Ukraine "Shady Lady" - Ani Lorak

My favourite (shame Andorra didn't make it). Singing isn't actually that good but the stage production and song are great.... Love it.

France "Divine" - Sébastien Tellier

This is an amazing piece of music, in Eurovision terms anyway! I do really like it... please let it do well! Love the beards... shame about the cameras!

Azerbaijan "Day After Day" - Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Javadzadeh

Just plain weird!!!

Greece "Secret Combination" - Kalomoira

The performance was better than at the semi final, but still... I don't think it's going to make it.

Spain "Baila el Chiki-chiki" - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

This is the only song that I did not listen before the contest. My Mum just sent me a text and her comment on the song was "Oh Please!!". It wasn't godawful but was also a lot like Ali G Does Eurovision. No thanks!

Serbia "Oro" - Jelena Tomašević and Bora Dugić

It's not a bad song, but not my thing.

Russia "Believe" - Dima Bilan

Sorry... was he singing??? I didn't notice, because he was giving me this come hither look. I love Dima... can I keep him?

Norway "Hold On Be Strong" - Maria Haukaas Storeng

We end on a high note, on second viewing I'm going to say it is a good song. And I agree with Terry, this might be the dark horse of the competition.

Can't believe it's nearly over for another year. Much sadness. :(

My hopes:

Ukraine to win.
Sweden, France, UK and Bosnia do really well.
Croatia comes last. Please let it happen!

And Mum has texted me her vote (I'm glad even though we are separated by distance we still judge Eurovision together): Finland! She's always liked rockers with long hair. She's such an eighties girl!

I'm signing off now to enjoy the results tally offline, Terry always has me laughing so hard during them. We'll do the result breakdown and the opinions tomorrow once I've had time to grapple with the brutal, crushing disappointment I always feel at the end of Eurovision. Until then...

Low Brow Journalism

I despair when reading BBC News sometimes. After reading Flat Earth News, I realise what is causing the problem but still the mistakes and errors they make can be quite annoying. Yesterday this story appeared under the title "Blairs Nearly Had Water Turned Off".

What a lie! It is illegal to use unpaid bills as an excuse to turn off water to a domestic property! What numpty wrote that? Well obviously it has been changed now but still they are acting as if the water board was about to take the ex-Prime Minister to a debt collection agency. This is a reminder notice! Of course it is a little harsh, that's how they get the money out of people who don't pay bills! But at least two more letters must be sent before they can send you to a debt collection agency. Grrr... how can people work in journalism be so stupid?

And the worst part? Some actual serious news was released with regards to MPs expenses but it was hidden under this populist twaddle. Shame on the BBC.

Eurovision Is Coming!!!!

**Sticky Post**

For all your Eurovision needs check out my post here.

Must Read Article On The Cult Of Scientology

Check it out at the Guardian. It'd be funnier if it wasn't so scary, let's see if we can get Boris Johnson to comment on this... I think that would be an even greater laugh!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just Because

You know I think there hasn't been enough totty around here lately and you can never have too much totty.

Edilson Nascimento was yoinked from Fit Sports Men

Things you'd like to do to him on a comment please... ;)

Eurovision: One More Sleep

So the two semi finals are over and we are all now aware of who, and what, is going to be in the final.

The countries I'll rooting for this year are:

Ukraine: This song is just so catchy. Have had it in my head all day.
France: Good enough to actually sell some records this one! Good tune.
Bosnia: Crazy enough to actually sneak through. Love the quirkiness.

I predict Sweden and Ukraine will give each a good run for their money, whilst the UK might not do quite so well. Ok so that second prediction is pretty easy!!

One more sleep!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eurovision Semi Final 2

So here we go again...

Remember we can vote in the UK this time! So don't forget to choose your favourite...

Oh God another opening ceremony... what did the people of Europe do to deserve this??

Iceland "This Is My Life" - Eurobandið

Very clubby this one, I've been listening to it on my iPod. I like it, although the singer has a remarkably large forehead doesn't he?!

A much more upbeat start to the evenings events than the first semi final .

Sweden "Hero" - Charlotte Perrelli

This song just screams Diva. Love this song, very strong performance. Bit weirded out by the grey start but quite cool.

Turkey "Deli" - Mor ve Ötesi

I really like this song, very Manic Street Preachers. However it's a bit depressing. Well sung and good tune though.

Ukraine "Shady Lady" - Ani Lorak

I'm always a big fan of the Ukraine's offerings (I think I still have a crush on Ruslana), and this one is no different. Love the dancers in the glass boxes. Powerful entry, almost guaranteed to go through to the final and if Sweden makes it too will give them a run for their money.

Lithuania "Nomads In The Night" - Jeronimas Milius

Very, very similar to something you might find in the Phantom of the Opera or Les Mis. This doesn't make it bad, but I don't know if it'll make it. Good singer, alright song... but Eurovision material? Hmm...

Albania "Zemrën lamë peng" - Olta Boka

I've not really ever like Albanian entires. This one was the best I've encountered so far, still it's not to my liking.

Switzerland "Era stupendo" - Paolo Meneguzzi

Though I felt his voice faltered at times, the song is good. And after last years travesty of Vampires Are Alive not even qualifying it's time to give Switzerland a break!!!

Cute dancers!

Czech Republic "Have Some Fun" - Tereza Kerndlová

Given that Prague is my European Dream City, I have a soft spot for this entry. However her singing was terrible!!! :( Poor Tereza. Such a good song, and a good official video but I feel terribly let down. If this goes through she will be extremely lucky.

Belarus "Hasta La Vista" - Ruslan Alekhno

Yay for Europes last remaining totalitarian dictatorship! Far worse than last years entry. The singing was awful. Bet it goes through though! I think there is a good song in here somewhere, desperate to escape...

Latvia "Wolves of the Sea" - Pirates of the Sea

One for all the Pirate lovers out there... but not for me I'm afraid. Reminds me of some holiday camp performance...

Croatia "Romanca" - Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents

Erm... I'm sure this is good if you like that sort of thing.

Bulgaria "DJ, Take Me Away" - Deep Zone and Balthazar

Well you certainly couldn't call this boring! Not much of a song though... more a musical medley of sounds.

Denmark "All Night Long" - Simon Mathew

My doesn't he have a cheeky smile?? Not a very interesting song but it's not criminal either.

Georgia "Peace Will Come" - Diana Gurtskaya

I can't decide what to think about this song so I'll sit on the fence.

Hungary "Szívverés" - Csézy


Malta "Vodka" - Morena

Come on Malta! For us Brits Malta is ever dependable in voting for us no matter how terrible we are. Sadly I think this song is a bit pants... but good luck to them anyway, they are certainly enthusiastic.

Cyprus "Femme Fatale" - Evdokia Kadi

What??? It was ok I suppose. A bit random.

FYR Macedonia "Vo Ime Na Ljubovta" - Tamara, Vrčak and Adrian

Not for me thanks!!

Portugal "Senhora do Mar" - Vânia Fernandes

The last song of the evening...

OMG It's Ursula from the Little Mermaid!

My favourites: Sweden, Ukraine, Iceland, Turkey.

They really did not want to get the Mother of Eurovision out. I don't think she quite knew what was going on!

Finalists are:

Ukraine (YAY)
Croatia???? What a waste of a final place...
Albania... Oh God... here we go with the Eastern accusations again...
Iceland (YAY!)
Sweden (PHEW!)
Latvia.. uh oh!!
Turkey (all my faves got through this time!)
Portugal. Why??? I bet this was the judges decision...

So... that's another step down... next stop... Saturday and the final!!

The President of The Gambia Is Not Insane, He's Just A Very Naughty Boy

The President of The Gambia's 24 hour ultimatum to his country's homosexual population to leave or be murdered has passed with little fanfare from the rest of the world.

It is amazing the things people can still get away with... a mad President (see his beliefs on AIDS) threatening to commit mass murder doesn't even warrant a major news story.

I wonder what would happen if Gordon Brown said he'd chop off the head of every Gambian in the country if they didn't leave within 24 hours? And then proceeded to proclaim a cure for cancer involving some Kentish apples and a special cream? Hmm... I wonder...

I will be thinking of those poor LGBT people in The Gambia tonight. Sadly there is no God to beseech nor any real hope of protection for them... let's hope they stay safe.

More Eurovision!

It's just under an hour until the second Eurovision Semi Final showing on BBC Three here in the UK, but you can watch it on the Eurovision website if you are in a non European country.

It'll be very interesting to see how Sweden and Iceland do, and tomorrow I'll be writing about my opinions on the two semi finals and the prospects for Saturdays final. Tonight I will be live blogging my opinions on the competitors.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If I Should Be Close To Death...

... do not stop treating me!!! I know some people do want to be allowed to die. That is their choice. However as someone who believes that when we die we cease to exist I believe intense pain and despair is better, for me at least, than ceasing to exist at all.

I also have a major issue with the idea of a doctor not being allowed to treat a patient when they are suffering and having no choice but to let them die. I know it's the patients choice but I worry it'll lead to a change in the doctors mentality for the worse. But hey as a libertarian I'm forced to keep those opinions on here, and stay out of the debate. BUT... DO NOT STOP TREATING ME UNTIL I'M REALLY DEAD. I might start carrying a card saying "I Choose To Continue To Live".

I read a really interesting G2 article about Euthanasia whilst I was in Thailand. Pretty disturbing stuff is going on there.

I'll make it clear that I'm not anti the right of others to die, I am a libertarian after all, but it does disturb me to see such abuses occurring. There must be a better way to organise this stuff, less open to the abuse.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eurovision Semi Final 1

So it begins...

It's a real shame Terry Wogan doesn't do the semi-finals isn't it?

That logo really is beautiful. Bravo!

God.. will I be able to sit through three opening ceremonies this week??? I don't know if I can take too much of this...

Montenegro "Zauvijek volim te" - Stefan Filipović

Stefan is actually quite cute. I think it's the hair. This song is uninspiring though...

Israel "Ke'ilo kan" - Bo'az Ma'uda

Oooo... nice... Shame about the song, he sounds like he is just shouting. Hardly a beautiful voice.

Estonia "Leto svet" - Kreisiraadio

A joke entry?? Uh oh...

Wow... they are making Scooch look like Beethoven!!!

The least funny joke entry in Eurovision history??? Makes We Are The Winners look like comedy genius

Moldova "A Century of Love" - Geta Burlacu

Not a bad voice but what is it with these depressing songs??? I think everyone paid a bit too much attention to last years winner...

San Marino "Complice" - Miodio

Welcome San Marino!!

I'd probably like this song for listening to when depressed but vote for it... I'll say it's ok...

Belgium "O Julissi Na Jalini" - Ishtar

A happier song in a made up language... but not exactly great... Based on Eurovision entires I'm thinking Belgium is a bizarre country...

Azerbaijan "Day After Day" - Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Javadzadeh

Oooo... Andy Abraham is on the UK edition promoting his song... Get off the telly and go promote us on other commentators sets... their countries are the ones voting for ya!!!!

"Highest voice since the Bee Qees"

Oooo... boy in angel wings... this can't be all bad!

What theatre! Love this set.

Well the song was more Eurovison than the others we have had so far so all credit to them!

Slovenia "Vrag naj vzame" - Rebeka Dremelj

To hell with it... this girl knows her Eurovision... costume changes, dancers with chains and on those shoes with roller blades...

Thank you Slovenia... bringing Eurovision back!!

Norway "Hold On Be Strong" - Maria Haukaas Storeng

Very pop... not a bad song but don't think it's going to win. Hopefully it'll make it to the final though.

Poland "For Life" - Isis Gee

Her teeth scare me...

I'll say this is a vast improvement compared to last years Polish entry. Decent singer, decent song. Bit too Mariah Carey Celine Dion for my liking.

Ireland "Irelande Douze Pointe" - Dustin The Turkey

As Terry would say... "Prepare yourself dear"

Ireland... why have you forsaken us!!! What poor losers.

Andorra "Casanova" - Gisela

I've been listening to this one on my iPod. I quite like it....

The backing singers need some help but otherwise I like it!

Bosnia and Herzegovina "Pokušaj" - Elvir Laković Laka

Like the set, wedding dresses, very eccentric.

You know what. I like it. It's crazy, has a sense of humour and is very quirky.

Armenia "Qele Qele" - Sirusho

Not the best voice in the world but the song was fun.

The Netherlands "Your Heart Belongs To Me" - Hind

The Dutch entry... I'll have the black guy on the right... he's cute!! Oh I've been listening to this song too... it's okay and based on the other entries so far it should go through. Oh who am I kidding... we never know what might go through when it's Eurovision!!

Are we nearly there yet??

Finland "Missä miehet ratsastaa" - Teräsbetoni

Oh Lordi! It's ok in it's own way but really, can you win twice in 3 years with pretty much the same sort of song?

Romania "Pe-o margine de lume" - Nico & Vlad Miriţă

I'm not a big fan of ballads but this one is ok.

Russia "Believe" - Dima Bilan

Hands off, this boys mine!!! The song is ok, not as good as his 2006 entry but hey it's Dima!!!

Andy Abrahams insults DIMA!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... That's it... I'm supporting Andorra in the final.

Greece "Secret Combination" - Kalomoira

I like this one, it's on my current commuting playlist. However... this performance wasn't great. Shame... but still deserves a second chance. The song is good enough.

Well that's the songs over... sadly that means we return to the presenters... Please God no...

My apologies to the presenters... our commentators are worse...

Nearly voting time...

Greece goes through

Romania is through

Bosnia - Herzegovina makes the cut!

Finland... wow... they will be happy

Russia... YAY!!!

Israel. Hmm...

Azerbaijan. Jonathon Ross and Philip Schofield as they say on commentary.



Oh the tension...


No Andorra?? :(

That's it folks until Thursday! Roll on...

Sorry... But....

I have this advert stuck in my head... please make it stop!!

Also I apologise for the high volume of posts today!!! You ain't seen nothing yet....

Russell T Davies Steps Down

The man who brought Doctor Who back to our screens, and even helped take it from a maligned interest back to a popular Saturday night TV show, has confirmed he is not going to be Producer for series 5. This is a darn shame in one respect, he is after all an excellent writer and producer, but great in another as Steven Moffat has been chosen to replace him. Hopefully the quality shall continue, with a little fresh blood added in for good measure.

Mr Davies, thank you. You have brought great joy across our nation.

Hopefully he'll move on to bigger and better things.

Eurovision 1st Semi Final Tonight!!

For those here in Britain it will be on BBC Three at 8pm. We will not be able to vote due to a complicated, but hopefully constructive, approach to the voting this year. Our chance to vote will be during the 2nd Semi Final.

My beloved Dima will be strutting his sexy stuff for Russia, whilst Ireland will be represented by puppet of a Turkey. I'm glad to see Ireland has finally got serious about winning this year.

I'm hoping this new semi final system will lead to a more balanced final and avoid as much political voting as possible.

Check back here after the show for the results of my live blog, and my opinions on the 1st Semi Final.

Monday, May 19, 2008

First Day Back At Work

The excitement was almost too much to bear when my alarm clock went off at 6 a.m. and in my rush to get up I forgot to turn it off, which annoyed Jim for half an hour whilst I got ready in the bathroom. Oops...

Then I was out the door to find, thankfully, nothing changes in London; the train was late!! And dirty. And crowded. Waited for next train, and actually met up with Jim for once to go to work together. Well we both just listened to our iPods so it wasn't much different to travelling on our own...

Oh the office!! I was so happy to be back in the office with a near 20% changeover of staff just to add to the fun of returning from a 3 week trip abroad. Still haven't found out new peoples names. It's on my to do list.

9 a.m. I received an obscure reminder from my past self, written in code. Took me a while to decipher it, but when I did I laughed; "Look for a new job!" :D Am I the only person who sets myself reminders randomly?

My cold/flu/illness which I picked up is awful and I have such a sore throat... Jim sounds no better either. :(

Should really unpack when I get home but I think doing that kind of makes the end of my holiday absolutely official and I don't think I'm quite emotionally prepared for that trauma yet...

Yay! Britain is the bestest...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm back. Tired and ill but back. I had a great time and I'm more than a little unhappy to have to return to this country. The grass is always greener I suppose but I'd love to really test the theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder and leave this country for a while... say 20 to 40 years ;)

Eurovision is this week!!!!!!! Tuesday is the day of the first semi final and don't worry... I'll be doing my usual live blogging updates... I love Eurovision...

Things are going to be changing around here... as you can see (if you actually visit my blog, which I recommend!!) come back to what you know has been retired for a while (I always end up coming back to what I know, trust me) and this blog is now called Dreaming of Chong Nonsi.

My new title is an expression of my current wistful longing for change in my life. London has been fun but honestly I need to move... 3 years of London has made me even less tolerant of others than 6 years in customer service. Plus I'm getting old (25 next month.. :( ) and need to start thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life. Plus I'm fatter than I've ever been before and this has got to change!! And I must stop drinking so much alcohol as really I'm getting a bit bored of it...

I was drinking half a bottle of JD a night on holiday... ouch!!

And Dear Constant Reader I have one thing to say to you for all your patience with me... kop koon khrap.