Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comments On The UK In Eurovision

I'm quite disillusioned. I never thought my own country could be such bitter, bitchy and pathetic losers. But you live and learn I suppose.

Terry Wogan should stand down as commentator. His comments at the end of the show were completely inappropriate.

Sir Terry, who has commentated on the competition since the 1970s, said: "Russia were going to be the political winners from the beginning."

He told viewers: "I think it's tremendously disappointing from the point of view of the United Kingdom.

"Andy Abraham gave, I think, the performance of his life with a song that certainly deserved far more points than it got when you look at the points that Spain got, that Bosnia-Hercegovina got - some really ridiculous songs."

Sir Terry said his producer, Kevin Bishop, was stepping down after this year's contest.

"He and I have to decide whether we want to do this again," he said.

"Indeed, western European participants have to decide whether they want to take part from here on in because their prospects are poor."

Andy Abraham did not give the performance of his life. I thought he may have stumbled his opening and I've never really liked the song. It was ok but did not stand out at all. Sorry Andy, I'm just being honest.

And the only reason it got through our qualifiers? Because Sir Terry Wogan went against the decision of the UK public and chose Andy as a wildcard for the second voting round scuppering Michelle Gayles chances. May this lose be on his head.

Now I'm not going to deny there is a lot of "political" voting in the contest. But I think it's more than just voting for countries you like. I think the countries proximities may in some cases simply mean the song they vote for has been promoted well prior to the contest. Dima for instance is a big star in Russia and in the former USSR. So it's no wonder people chose his song. I'd be interested to know how many countries Andy Abraham visited prior to going to Serbia? How many television and radio slots did he perform on?

And the Big 4 don't take part in the semi finals. Personally I choose my favourite based on the semi finals, and I don't change my mind very often. I suspect others do the same. If you chose Ukraine as I did, and then saw Andy Abrahams performance on the night would you have changed your vote? Don't think I would... it was forgettable. I've got plenty of songs from last night stuck in my head, but I can't even remember the words to our entry.

I think it's time the Big 4 said "We want to share the load" and stop being the privileged Big 4. It sends out an elitist message and I think a lot of other countries need to start pulling their financial weight. It would then be a lot fairer, we could perform in the semi finals and we could perhaps get our song out there for people to start enjoying prior to the main contest.

So Britain, stop being poor losers and put on the traditional stiff upper lip. This is war, and we need to make sure next year we go in with all guns blazing. But I suspect most Brits enjoy this moaning about losing and simply won't bother to help chose a good song next time round.


  1. "Because Sir Terry Wogan went against the decision of the UK public and chose Andy as a wildcard for the second voting round scuppering Michelle Gayle's chances."

    Actually, to be fair, it was John Barrowman and Carrie Grant's decision he went against by bringing back Andy Abraham. The UK public still made the final choice between Andy and Michelle Gayle. Having said that, it was an incredibly silly system (any system that puts any sort of power in the hands of John Barrowman can only be described as silly) so hopefully they won't repeat it again next year. Ideally, they'd pick a top-class performer in advance, and put the focus of the selection show squarely on finding a really top quality song. Note to BBC - that song is highly likely to be one John Barrowman does not consider 'right for Eurovision'. The man is utterly clueless.

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