Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Social Experiments

Before I went away I left my work keys somewhere secure and in the three weeks between then and getting back I, fairly predictably, forgot where that secure place was.

So the last week I've not had them, which isn't a problem for me as there are now people who actually get to work before me (YAY!). However it would appear I'm the only person with keys for doors to other locks, and it's been fairly amusing watching the chaos and mess that has ensued.

It has kind of persuaded me that the people I work with are not as clever as even I had optimistically hoped and has helped me with a decision I'll mention below...

But anyway... I brought my keys today... unlocked all the side doors and secret rooms that make life here somewhat easier... and they are all so conditioned by last week that they aren't even using them anymore. HA HA. Which proves that all the fuss of last week was absolutely not necessary.

So today I feel like doing something kind of reckless... resigning without any other job lined up. I've written my letter but my boss is off today so I have one more day to think about it. If I did resign my leaving date would be 31/07/2008.

I feel like I'm being treated badly here, that the company is now going in a direction I really don't want to follow, and that I'm so over customer service on the phones. What would I do? ANYTHING. Work in a shop. Become a civil servant. I quite like the idea of a security guard job... that'd be interesting. Anything that doesn't involve a customer service in the way I do it now. I know most jobs do require customer service but trust me... it's quite majorly different to what we do here, even if I now only answering one or two calls a day myself.

I really want to resign. I mean the very thought of resigning fills my heart with a sunny, happy feeling that makes me want to skip down streets singing musical numbers. And that's despite of my intense fear of unemployment. The dark terror that has kept me here is now actually completely obliterated by my urge to be free. That says something quite powerful to me.

Also not having a job as of August might force me to get off my fat arse and look for something more suitable.

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