Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eurovision Semi Final 1

So it begins...

It's a real shame Terry Wogan doesn't do the semi-finals isn't it?

That logo really is beautiful. Bravo!

God.. will I be able to sit through three opening ceremonies this week??? I don't know if I can take too much of this...

Montenegro "Zauvijek volim te" - Stefan Filipović

Stefan is actually quite cute. I think it's the hair. This song is uninspiring though...

Israel "Ke'ilo kan" - Bo'az Ma'uda

Oooo... nice... Shame about the song, he sounds like he is just shouting. Hardly a beautiful voice.

Estonia "Leto svet" - Kreisiraadio

A joke entry?? Uh oh...

Wow... they are making Scooch look like Beethoven!!!

The least funny joke entry in Eurovision history??? Makes We Are The Winners look like comedy genius

Moldova "A Century of Love" - Geta Burlacu

Not a bad voice but what is it with these depressing songs??? I think everyone paid a bit too much attention to last years winner...

San Marino "Complice" - Miodio

Welcome San Marino!!

I'd probably like this song for listening to when depressed but vote for it... I'll say it's ok...

Belgium "O Julissi Na Jalini" - Ishtar

A happier song in a made up language... but not exactly great... Based on Eurovision entires I'm thinking Belgium is a bizarre country...

Azerbaijan "Day After Day" - Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Javadzadeh

Oooo... Andy Abraham is on the UK edition promoting his song... Get off the telly and go promote us on other commentators sets... their countries are the ones voting for ya!!!!

"Highest voice since the Bee Qees"

Oooo... boy in angel wings... this can't be all bad!

What theatre! Love this set.

Well the song was more Eurovison than the others we have had so far so all credit to them!

Slovenia "Vrag naj vzame" - Rebeka Dremelj

To hell with it... this girl knows her Eurovision... costume changes, dancers with chains and on those shoes with roller blades...

Thank you Slovenia... bringing Eurovision back!!

Norway "Hold On Be Strong" - Maria Haukaas Storeng

Very pop... not a bad song but don't think it's going to win. Hopefully it'll make it to the final though.

Poland "For Life" - Isis Gee

Her teeth scare me...

I'll say this is a vast improvement compared to last years Polish entry. Decent singer, decent song. Bit too Mariah Carey Celine Dion for my liking.

Ireland "Irelande Douze Pointe" - Dustin The Turkey

As Terry would say... "Prepare yourself dear"

Ireland... why have you forsaken us!!! What poor losers.

Andorra "Casanova" - Gisela

I've been listening to this one on my iPod. I quite like it....

The backing singers need some help but otherwise I like it!

Bosnia and Herzegovina "Pokušaj" - Elvir Laković Laka

Like the set, wedding dresses, very eccentric.

You know what. I like it. It's crazy, has a sense of humour and is very quirky.

Armenia "Qele Qele" - Sirusho

Not the best voice in the world but the song was fun.

The Netherlands "Your Heart Belongs To Me" - Hind

The Dutch entry... I'll have the black guy on the right... he's cute!! Oh I've been listening to this song too... it's okay and based on the other entries so far it should go through. Oh who am I kidding... we never know what might go through when it's Eurovision!!

Are we nearly there yet??

Finland "Missä miehet ratsastaa" - Teräsbetoni

Oh Lordi! It's ok in it's own way but really, can you win twice in 3 years with pretty much the same sort of song?

Romania "Pe-o margine de lume" - Nico & Vlad Miriţă

I'm not a big fan of ballads but this one is ok.

Russia "Believe" - Dima Bilan

Hands off, this boys mine!!! The song is ok, not as good as his 2006 entry but hey it's Dima!!!

Andy Abrahams insults DIMA!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... That's it... I'm supporting Andorra in the final.

Greece "Secret Combination" - Kalomoira

I like this one, it's on my current commuting playlist. However... this performance wasn't great. Shame... but still deserves a second chance. The song is good enough.

Well that's the songs over... sadly that means we return to the presenters... Please God no...

My apologies to the presenters... our commentators are worse...

Nearly voting time...

Greece goes through

Romania is through

Bosnia - Herzegovina makes the cut!

Finland... wow... they will be happy

Russia... YAY!!!

Israel. Hmm...

Azerbaijan. Jonathon Ross and Philip Schofield as they say on commentary.



Oh the tension...


No Andorra?? :(

That's it folks until Thursday! Roll on...


  1. Montenegro: Just not interesting enough. I'm bored...already. And it's the first song!

  2. Agreed. Very boring...

  3. Isreal: Cute guy.... Song is ok, at most.... Guy is cute!

  4. Just heard he's really short though... :(

  5. No problem. At all. I am very short as well!!

    Estonia: apres-ski style :(

  6. I'll take Russia's Dima and you can have Boaz!! Sorted...

  7. I still want to see the other guys, before we make any deal.

    Moldava: I don't know about this

    San Marino: Hmmm... this guy is a bit strange. So, where are the happy songs?

  8. Belgium: a song sang in the fairytale woods. Hmm... where is the bad witch? But at least it is the first happy song!

  9. Well at least it was happy!!!

  10. Azerbaijan: Interesting. What a high voice (is that Jay from ANTM?). Contrasting black and white costumes. Not bad for a Eurovision debut.

  11. Slovenia are doing costume changes... now that's Eurovision!!

  12. Slovenia: The first real Eurovision song! Finally!

  13. Norway: I like Maria:

    Great Voice. Good midtempo song. Classy performace.

    So probably no probability of winning Eurovision anno 2008... :(

  14. Norway were not bad at all. But I agree... they probably won't win!!

  15. Poland: Celine meets Cher meets the long lost witch from the Belgian fairytale woods. Not a bad song at all.

  16. Ireland: No comment. It will receive too many points anyhow.

    Andorra: Semi-drag Diva singing a happy - but messy- song.

  17. I think Andorra's backing singers needed a little more rehersal

  18. Bosnia-H: Hmm

    Armenia: Yeah, this is a nice one! But her voice needs a bit of improvement

  19. Hind is coming up....yeah...
    She's a brilliant singer. The song...well...hmmm...

  20. It's not that bad... could be far worse!

  21. Finland: Might come far with this song-I-do-not-like

    Romania: Oh hello singing bloke!

  22. Dima is mine!!

  23. Russia: I think this song will do fine. Needs better performance though, more show. But I must say I was not so impressed with Dima's looks. You can have him!

    Greece: Modern...bit of a Timbaland rip-off. But it's good, but the vocals could be better. I would give it points.

  24. Yay, he's mine!!!

    Agreed on Greece!

  25. My favorites so far, in no particular order:

    Greece, Norway, Slovenia, Armenia, Russia. If I have to choose one, Norway.

  26. In no order mine are:

    Slovenia, Andorra, Russia, Bosnia, Greece. Norway and Armenia also deserve to go through in my opinion though.

  27. Well, results are not bad! Most of my favorites are through

  28. Results were ok. Sucks about Andorra though. Right.. night night!!

  29. Poland in final? It's a crime against music.
    And where is San Marino? or Belgium?!
    All in all, it was boring and disappointing.
    But who am I to complain?

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