Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eurovision Semi Final 2

So here we go again...

Remember we can vote in the UK this time! So don't forget to choose your favourite...

Oh God another opening ceremony... what did the people of Europe do to deserve this??

Iceland "This Is My Life" - Eurobandið

Very clubby this one, I've been listening to it on my iPod. I like it, although the singer has a remarkably large forehead doesn't he?!

A much more upbeat start to the evenings events than the first semi final .

Sweden "Hero" - Charlotte Perrelli

This song just screams Diva. Love this song, very strong performance. Bit weirded out by the grey start but quite cool.

Turkey "Deli" - Mor ve Ötesi

I really like this song, very Manic Street Preachers. However it's a bit depressing. Well sung and good tune though.

Ukraine "Shady Lady" - Ani Lorak

I'm always a big fan of the Ukraine's offerings (I think I still have a crush on Ruslana), and this one is no different. Love the dancers in the glass boxes. Powerful entry, almost guaranteed to go through to the final and if Sweden makes it too will give them a run for their money.

Lithuania "Nomads In The Night" - Jeronimas Milius

Very, very similar to something you might find in the Phantom of the Opera or Les Mis. This doesn't make it bad, but I don't know if it'll make it. Good singer, alright song... but Eurovision material? Hmm...

Albania "Zemrën lamë peng" - Olta Boka

I've not really ever like Albanian entires. This one was the best I've encountered so far, still it's not to my liking.

Switzerland "Era stupendo" - Paolo Meneguzzi

Though I felt his voice faltered at times, the song is good. And after last years travesty of Vampires Are Alive not even qualifying it's time to give Switzerland a break!!!

Cute dancers!

Czech Republic "Have Some Fun" - Tereza Kerndlová

Given that Prague is my European Dream City, I have a soft spot for this entry. However her singing was terrible!!! :( Poor Tereza. Such a good song, and a good official video but I feel terribly let down. If this goes through she will be extremely lucky.

Belarus "Hasta La Vista" - Ruslan Alekhno

Yay for Europes last remaining totalitarian dictatorship! Far worse than last years entry. The singing was awful. Bet it goes through though! I think there is a good song in here somewhere, desperate to escape...

Latvia "Wolves of the Sea" - Pirates of the Sea

One for all the Pirate lovers out there... but not for me I'm afraid. Reminds me of some holiday camp performance...

Croatia "Romanca" - Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents

Erm... I'm sure this is good if you like that sort of thing.

Bulgaria "DJ, Take Me Away" - Deep Zone and Balthazar

Well you certainly couldn't call this boring! Not much of a song though... more a musical medley of sounds.

Denmark "All Night Long" - Simon Mathew

My doesn't he have a cheeky smile?? Not a very interesting song but it's not criminal either.

Georgia "Peace Will Come" - Diana Gurtskaya

I can't decide what to think about this song so I'll sit on the fence.

Hungary "Szívverés" - Csézy


Malta "Vodka" - Morena

Come on Malta! For us Brits Malta is ever dependable in voting for us no matter how terrible we are. Sadly I think this song is a bit pants... but good luck to them anyway, they are certainly enthusiastic.

Cyprus "Femme Fatale" - Evdokia Kadi

What??? It was ok I suppose. A bit random.

FYR Macedonia "Vo Ime Na Ljubovta" - Tamara, Vrčak and Adrian

Not for me thanks!!

Portugal "Senhora do Mar" - Vânia Fernandes

The last song of the evening...

OMG It's Ursula from the Little Mermaid!

My favourites: Sweden, Ukraine, Iceland, Turkey.

They really did not want to get the Mother of Eurovision out. I don't think she quite knew what was going on!

Finalists are:

Ukraine (YAY)
Croatia???? What a waste of a final place...
Albania... Oh God... here we go with the Eastern accusations again...
Iceland (YAY!)
Sweden (PHEW!)
Latvia.. uh oh!!
Turkey (all my faves got through this time!)
Portugal. Why??? I bet this was the judges decision...

So... that's another step down... next stop... Saturday and the final!!


  1. hey..wait...where are the vids?

    Iceland: Good performance, nice opening for the second show. The pink shoes were a bit too much though...

    Sweden: I did not like the start, that was a bit week. But then it went a lot better. Catchy song. Very Swedish Schlager. I think it should go to the finals.

    Great start with these two Nordic songs

  2. By the next morning a lot of the last lot of videos were removed. So I decided to forsake them. They shall return for the final however.

  3. Turkey: Hmm..don't like it, although it's not a bad song. It will go to the finals anyhow.

    Ukraine: Diva girl, bad vocals at the start. Energetic show though. Oh, her voice gets better at the end. Hmm..she could come far

  4. I think the Ukraine is going to go far...

  5. Yeah, I fear the same.

    Lithuania: boring vampirelike man

    Albania: Elle aime, aime la vie! But not convincing enough, it lost my interest pretty quickly

  6. Switzerland: I like this song! Finally a good ballad. Oh and then a midtempo second half. Good (except for some of the off key vocals)!

    Czech Republic: Worse than current-state Britney

  7. OUCH. The Czech Republic was awful! :(

  8. Belarus: Scary guy with an almost-ok song.

    Latvia: Oh my..

  9. ahhh...the love affair 2 never heard of IM? :-P

  10. @Jim haha... don't be's only an ESC love affair. We both love ESC :)

  11. IM?? What is this magical thing you talk of??

    Watch some Eurovision with me Jim, you are missing out! There were pirates!

  12. IM plus Live Blog commenting is not a sounds combination.

    Croatia: Maffia act...interesting. But please don't let it go through, fellow Europeans.

    Bulgaria: Strange combination of eurodance and erm..reggae? Fire on the record players, that is original. This might go to the finals.

  13. Denmark: Forget it.

    Georgia: Forget this one as well. Except for the clothesswitching surprise. That always yields points.

  14. Hungary: Typical ESC ballad. It is not special enough. I liked the previous semi final better.

    Malta: I have always liked Malta's entries. But not this time. They can do so much better. But at least they will get Russian votes.

    Cyprus: Not bad.

  15. Macedonia: Urban meets the 90s. She has a powerful voice.

    Portual: A bit scary, not very catchy, perhaps it could grow on me. But when?

    Ok, my favorites: Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland. That's it!

  16. It's too bad that Switzerland didn't make it to the final.

    My favorites: Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland.
    All Scandinavian countries make it to the final?... But I’m not afraid. They don't know the power of the "Brotherhood and Unity" of the Yugo countries.:)

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