Monday, April 28, 2008

Jae Kay Is Away!!

So I embark on a plane journey (not my favourite thing in the whole world!) but I should return on the 17th May... I'll miss you Dear Constant Reader!!

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Ok I tried not to write anything about the Jensen Ackles pic.. but I must. *Swoon* He is sooooo lovely. Oh to be a fly on his trousers, as no one I know says... ;)

What A Carry On!!

The two alleged blackmailers in the Royal gay sex case are now saying they were attempting to warn the royal involved of their employees "gay sex predations".

Now given who the Royal is, I'm pretty sure such warnings would only have encouraged this behaviour! What a laugh, what an IDIOTIC defense. I have a feeling that if this is the best the defense can come up with, then these blackmailers are going down... Greedy, intrusive bastards.

And oh look... our "moral" friends over at the News of the World had their grubby little fingers in the pie. You know, I think the News of the World is more dangerous that any terrorist. It's time News of the World employees were placed in detention for as long as possible for the sack of our country!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One More Sleep (Ish)

I leave the house for my trip abroad in the early hours of Tuesday. If you do want access to my, restricted, travel blog you will need to email me asap. Thanks to those who have already requested access.

Hypocrite Tories Make Me Laugh

The News of the World and the Tories both go on about traditional values and then break their own rules constantly.

I hate living in a world where 1) a Lord having drug filled orgies is worthy of reporting and 2) where a Conservative politician thinks it's ok to have drug filled orgies and remain a member of a Conservative party hell bent on enforcing faux "values" upon the citizens of this country.

Wake up! Sex and drugs have been here forever and will be around forever. The conservative movement is pissing into the wind if they think they can change things by espousing tougher laws and values rather than trying to enact more progressive change. Look into the past to harems and the Opium trade and you'll see how things never change...

The Sontaran Stratagem: Doctor Who 4.04

Sometimes I can't quite believe that they brought Doctor Who back. And I mean that in a good way. This episode reminds me how lucky we Doctor Who fans have been.

This is another brilliant episode, with scheming Sontarans, MARTHA!!!, Donna and the Doctor being funny, UNIT, cute soldiers and good pacing.

I just love the new confident Martha and it's so sad she isn't a regular any more. Bring her back!! The Sontarans look isn't great but their attitude befits their warrior race ethos, and I can't wait to see how the Doctor foils their plan to poison the Earth. But I'll have to as I'm out of the country for the next three weeks! :(

Also... someone came to this blog last night searching for "Doctor Who porn blog"... why???

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holiday Time!!

Friday night and work was over!!! I met Jim at Waterloo and wandered along and across the Thames to Drury Lane. We went to the Lowlander, a "Grand Cafe". It was nice and we were shortly joined by Mark and Jo. We had a couple of drinks, caught up and Jim tried a Banana flavoured beer (which, to my surprise, was absolutely delicious).

We then popped over the road to Great Queen Street for what was 1) a birthday meal for Jim, 2) the second of our monthly trips out, and 3) a meal to say farewell as all of us were about to leave the country. The service was good, the waitress knowledgeable and the food was delicious. I had crab on toast to start, followed by a truly awesome Pigeon and Foie Gras Pastie. Who knew pigeon was so delicious??

I avoided the desserts as they looked a little poncy and I like my desserts simple and honest.

Halfway through the restaurant was visited by some American army guys, one of who was quite the dish... Mmm...

Well and truly stuffed we went and had a few beers outside of the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden. There we were accosted by a couple of tramps, and Mark and I even got a nice hug off one guy from Tanzania looking for money. He told me I was human which was nice, but alas he got no money from us...

We got the train back to Greenwich and had a night cap at the local, where Jim got given a bottle of Champagne. Lucky boy.

It was a lovely night out.

Saturday brought an early start as we headed down to Lympne to see the folks. My uncle David was back from Mexico with his girlfriend Cecilia who was very nice (although a little quiet, probably because she is a bit shy with her English skills). Had a nice time, with a nice meal ala Jim, some lovely gifts from Mum, and a nice drive.

Bad point: hitting a pheasant with the car. :( It flew off but still...

It's been a busy few days... time for sleep!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Freedom Day!!

It's freedom day today!! My last day at work for three long weeks. Praise the Lord!!

Last night the office headed out on the town to LVPO in Soho. We went there once before and crashed a private party, but this time we were the private party!!

It was tres dull with many long speeches about stuff, my presentation wasn't so bad and it got a few compliments. Afterwards the presenters had to "recruit" members of the company to join their teams and I am extremely pleased with the people I've got on mine now (offers of cakes, trips to the zoo and many other promises may have been made... see I'm a nice boss!!)

It's Jim's birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY oh gorgeous and beloved one. He is 19 I believe, or at least that's what I've heard!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Will They Do???

I know I am not what keeps the company I work for together. I go away and I come back and nothing changes. But sometimes I really wish I could find out HOW that happens as the amount of silly, stupid and darn right lazy requests that are passed my way whilst I am here have to go somewhere don't they???

Oh to be a fly on the wall to find out where people go to ask "What is the address of THIS building?" or "What's our phone number?". I really wonder what poor smuck has to put up with telling people that the best way to solve their computer issues is just to restart it.

Only 1 more day to go... one more day until freedom... except I've gotta go out tonight in Soho and do some presentation in front of the whole company regarding the company wiki I helped create. Oh well... free alcohol.

Then tomorrow is freedom day... just tidy my desk, leave early and head off for a birthday dinner for Jim with our friends Mark and Jo. The holiday starts there... let's not think about the cleaning and tidying that must occur this weekend...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Watching Reaper...

Move over Zack... make room for Bret... Hmm.. got a real thing for cuties at moment. Who needs muscle when they look as sweet as this....

Oh Be Nice!!

Here is a piece of spam that made it's way into my inbox today... the depths the spammers go to is amazing!!

"Hello, jaekay.

Listen to me carefully, i don't know what your name is, but i'll find you and i'll cripple you, because this is you who tempted her!!!
She has already gone to hospital, you're next, this is evidence: insert link to porn here"

And no I didn't click the link to find out it was porn... I've got Arwen at work to do that kind of thing for me... :)

Zach Braff Redux

Spending way too much of my lunchtime at work watching Scrubs. Zach Braff is pretty...

St WHO??

It amazes me, in this country (and when I say country I mean the UK!) with so many great Britons, that we still look to saints to represent us. In the case of "England" the veneration of St George and of some "English" culture (trust me the legacy of the English is the legacy of the violent, genocidal Anglo-Saxon invaders, not exactly a glorious past!) is even more bizarre as he never even set foot here!

Here's my proposal... let's have a Winston Churchill day. He was at once equally magnificent and flawed. A human being whose life is so interwined with the recent history of our great country (from battles in what is now Sudan, through the Boer War, the First World War, the Second World War and the early stages of the Cold War). And it's a day all Britons can celebrate together, a day of unity and celebration and of remembering the history of our islands.

I was trying to tell people today that St George never set foot in this country and they didn't believe me. If you are celebrating St George's Day today, have fun but make sure you know a little about St George.

And don't invite me!!

*Two seconds later* Grrr.... just found a St Georges flag taped to the back of my chair... someone shall pay!!! *sends out email with Union Jack on it*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zach Braff

I've got such a crush on Zach Braff at the moment... he makes me all grrrrrrrr....

Voting Day And Other Rubbish

So today I cast my postal vote... of course I selected Brian Paddick as my first choice for Mayor, with Ken Livingstone as my second, tactical, vote. Hopefully if the polls are right and Brian sadly doesn't get it, my vote will help ensure Mr Boris "I Like To Allow People To Be Beaten Up (allegedly)" Johnson doesn't get in.

My vote for the local candidate for the assembly went to the Lib Dems again but in the interests of plurality I cast a maverick vote for the Green Party on the Party list vote. I'm not a big fan of a lot of Green policies but I do like a few of them and I always think it's good to mix it up a little when voting.

I'll laugh with you at the candidate list I was sent later and some of the appalling adverts in there for such people as the BNP and Christian Choice. Bless them.

Work is horrid today. I am counting the seconds until home time... and until my holiday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Trouble With Girls...

... is they want to be woo'd.

Prince William would not need to fly a helicopter into my backyard to woo me. He's managed that and I haven't even met him. ;)

Yeah... ok the problem really is... I'm easy... there's nothing wrong with the girls!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Planet of the Ood: Doctor Who 4.03

I'm going to make a controversial remark; I'm not a fan of the Ood. I think they are boring. Very boring. That said the themes of slavery and freedom in this episode were interesting, even if the episode was the weakest so far in the fourth series

I'm beginning to get the feeling that this series is not going to end on a happy note for either the Doctor or Donna. The Ood mention the Doctors song has to end soon, and I think Donna is beginning to see that life with the Doctor is not as fun as she first thought... death and destruction always follow him.

Much Ado About Nothing

The News of the World (and it's readers) often wrap themselves up in the faux flag of patriotism. But they are not patriots... they are run by a naturalised American right wing capitalist who cares nothing for our history and only for cheap shots and controversy.

See for instance the non-story of Prince William's use of a Chinook helicopter during his flight training.

The flight was described as "ridiculous and inappropriate" by aviation author Jon Lake, quoted in the News of the World.

WHY?? Nowhere in this piece does it explain how it was inappropriate?? He landed for 20 seconds!! How did he gain from this???

"This is an absolute waste of training hours on the Chinook helicopter that the military are hard-pressed to afford," he told the paper.

Hmm... I wonder why that could be... could it be because of our intervention in Iraq. I wonder whether the Dirty Digger was happy to support that...

"No other pilot at Prince William's stage of training would be allowed anywhere near the left-hand seat of a Chinook."

No other pilot is heir to the throne, nor in line to become head of the Armed Forces. Honestly guys, of course he's going to be given special dispensation is he wants it. He's PRINCE William. But again... what was he allowed to do this time that was so special??? Ooo.. he landed on his girlfriends parents land... for 20 seconds!! SCANDAL!

In a statement, the MoD said battlefield helicopter crews routinely practised landing in fields and confined spaces away from airfields as part of their training for conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Helicopter bases continually seek permission from land owners to use their fields and there are only two fields permanently available in Hampshire. Opportunities to use alternatives are therefore regularly seized."

It added: "The aircraft landed in the field, after taking all necessary safety precautions, and was on the ground for 20 seconds.

"No-one got on or off the aircraft. This was very much a routine training sortie that achieved essential training objectives."

Is this not the most ridiculous thing for the NoW to be running when there are so many worthwhile stories out there? Anyone remember Zimbabwe??? The economy?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Day Closer

If you do want to follow my trip abroad you'll need to follow me to a new secure blog. No I'm not leaving this blog! But circumstances require that I am discreet (for one!!). So let me know if you wish to have access (email me through my profile).

We went to Lewisham today to get some new luggage (cheap from the market... but we're only using them for one trip!), have a cheap meal at 'Spoons (mmm... Surf'n'Turf) and buy way too many feasts at Iceland. Lewisham is beginning to look like an apocalyptic wasteland... even W H Smiths is closing down. And the Socialist Workers Party electioneers did nothing to cheer the place up by conceiving of a world in which the minimum wage is £7.20. Idiots. The way to make things more affordable is to make them more affordable... not to just give people more money and increase prices. What a short term outlook. But doesn't surprise me, I have to deal with the SWP at work and the people I speak to in their offices are extremely rude. Not quite as rude as the main guys over at Respect I'll grant you.

Here is the Economist's depressing assessment of our Mayoral Election. It doesn't have to be this way!! You can vote for Brian Paddick!! Vote Paddick for Mayor of London and stop the highest powered directly elected position in the land from becoming the laughing stock of the country.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Waters

I'm assuming this rather interesting encounter with my ancestor occurred in 1902 at the time of the Coronation of Edward VII, sadly he died that same year.

From the Goudhurst Coronation Book.

I found Mr Waters returning home after a spell of Hop picking for despite his 84 years he likes to feel he is doing something useful. He thinks it is far the best plan for old people not to give up, but to keep on pottering about and take an interest in everything instead of sitting about and moping as some prefer to do! He takes long walks does odd jobs about the house and I should say his is a contented old age.

In June this year I had had a talk with Mr Waters sister Mrs Osborne who lives at The Gables Kilndown see pages 396 397 As there indicated Mr Waters is the son of John Waters who lived to be over 90 He predeceased his wife a short while.Latterly he had lived for many years at The Hollies but previously he had held Nursery Farm on the main road in succession to his father who was also John "He was a Scotney man, a foreman there said Mr Waters My dad assisted in the building of the mansion at Scotney Castle"

Mr Waters was born in this house at the Hollies on January xxx 1852 Adding to his 84 years his fathers occupation of the house it has been in the Waters family for nearly 100 years.

His wife who died about 40 years ago was Elizabeth Brignell before her marriage. The ceremony was at Burwash Church where she was living at the time although her home was at Hurst Green.

Mr and Mrs Waters had nine children four boys and five girls One died eight are living. Frank Aged 48 lives with xxx Fred (my great, great, great Grandfather) is at Riseden Walter at Hillside Kilndown Jim at Sittingbourne Florence (Mrs Wright) at Lamberhurst xx at Canterbury, Bertha at Pembury and Alice.

Mr Waters first wages were 4d a day working at a tender xx for Mr Brissenden of Bewl Bridge. After three months pulling up charlock and such like jobs he left to better things having a remarkable increase to 7d a day paid him by Mr Lansdell also of Bewl Bridge "but t'other side of the bridge that'd be Lamberhurst, this side's Kilndown"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

13 Days Until Thailand!!

And I am not excited... not at all....


Monday, April 14, 2008


JP sent me a rather amusing story. It's a bit like the Shop That Never Opens at the end of my street here in Greenwich (yes that was it's name!) which somehow shut down... How that works I don't know as it was never open!! It even had a sign with "OPENING TIMES" which said something like "Monday: Perhaps, Tuesday: Probably Not, Wednesday: Highly unlikely. etc".

I once did see it open and got rather excited by it's miniature Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway signs. Yeah... it was a random shop! Such a shame.. the florists took it over and some lingerie/clubbing shop took over the florists.

Berlusconi is back... God Save The Italians... they are going to need divine intervention.


Daleks are returning to Doctor Who by the end of the season, the Doctor disappears, Davros and the Master are both slated to return and it's a Cybermen Christmas Special!! HAPPY DAYS!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Fires Of Pompeii: Doctor Who 4.02

So Doctor Who... series 4 is gearing up to be the best series of the revival. The use of the set in Rome was a brilliant idea, achieving a very realistic look. The Doctor and Donna was on top form ("I'm Spartacus" "So am I"). And the villains were brilliantly realised. Top marks for yet another great installment.

On a related note: I watched an old Russell T Davies programme from my youth. Dark Season was way better in my memory than in actuality. That's not to say it wasn't good. Just different.

In good news it looks like Alan is back blogging in English! His was the first blog I ever linked to and I'm glad to see he is still going. Check him out, he is always good for a laugh!

Jae Finds Out Something About Himself

If you admit to being abusive, rude or just nasty to a customer service person at any point in your life I stop liking you. And it doesn't matter about how much I like someone, it simply stops me liking them. Completely.

That is what I learnt today. I was chatting online with what I thought was some lovely people (who I've been talking to for a few weeks thanks to SL) when the talk turned to their service experiences and they related how they went and I found most of them were utter jerks ("Sometimes I start saying their first name really sarcastically" "Oh I just ask for their supervisor straight away because you know the first one to answer the phone is always stupid" etc.). I was too polite to point that out to them, instead I signed off knowing I could never talk to them again.

So note to you: let's not talk about customer service!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Horrible Trip Home

I need a little Matt Damon relief after the hellish journey home. As usual I stayed late at work for a few drinks and then headed to Waterloo East. There I found the overland suspended due to train problems at London Bridge. They say to go to London Bridge to catch trains onwards.

So I get the Jubilee line there. Once there I find that all services are suspended. Joy. So I get back on the Jubilee and get to Canary Wharf. I change for the DLR at Heron Quays but it's so busy and I end up on a Crossharbour service. To try to avoid too much of a crush I walk down to Mudchute. The train pulls up and there seems to be some room and I get onboard. The doors close. All is well... wait... where's my book???

Sitting on a chair at Mudchute. Grrr... I give it up for lost and head home. Only took me an hour and a half!!

So if someone does pick up a copy of The Children of OM at Mudchute, a book about a boy who ages randomly due to a weird defect and who is kidnapped in Thailand and milked by a transvestite in order to create a new race of half and half prostitutes, please send it my way... Thanks... P.S. Sorry for the weird shock you must of got as you read the blurb on the back... yeah... it's a weird book... but interesting!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Apprentice

So three weeks ago The Apprentice return to our screens. Hmm... still not got into it properly although am getting used to the candidates. I know business isn't meant to be pretty but couldn't Sir Alan have got a few more hot guys in??

Although I have to say I'm quite taken with Lee McQueen. Mmm... wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating biscuits.

What is happening to me??

I forgot to blog yesterday... again. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to blog or just didn't feel like it. I clear forgot. This is absolutely unlike me. I've been blogging for 7 years now. It's like breathing... I can't forget because it just happens!

I am sorry yet again, I'm obviously losing it.

So today... I've got a headache (and I never get headaches...), I had to turn down a cuddle to come to work, and I'm actually at work. These things do not a happy Jae make.


And the customer complaints I'm dealing with today leave me feeling dirty as they are so petty. I hate complainers anyway as I do not raise complaints with companies myself (it's a moral position sadly few people hold and I understand that. I'm not in the mood for any comments today about how sometimes it's necessary to complain... I know... it's been said before... I understand...), but if the complaint is about something understandable (an order not turning up for instance) I can at least empathise a little. But when the complaint is as trivial and unnecessary as the ones I have to deal with, I get angry.

Every good thought and happy thing seems to be slowly being drained from me now by these idiots I have to deal with. I must escape from dealing with customers immediately.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Sometimes I feel like it's just you and me....

Dear Constant Reader, I wish sometimes I could express how deeply grateful I am for your constant patience and assistance. We've gone through some dark times together and you've seen me through on every occasion.

Thankfully I haven't really been depressed for over 4 years now, not like I used to be as a teenager anyway! And I'm not depressed now, but I am very unhappy. The happiness I feel on a Friday and the extreme unhappiness I feel on a Monday morning may give you a clue to the cause of my distress.


I don't want to work any more. I'm not kidding. When I say that obviously I need employment unless I'm going to start living like they do on the Good Life (a dream way better than reality I think). But I don't want to work for anyone else. I don't like the 9 - 5 existence, I don't like office politics and I really don't like having to put up with racist and abusive customers simply because they are not my customers but the company's customers.

So I've been thinking, and I'll continue to think, on ways of escaping this dreary existence... something unexpected. I see so many people working for themselves, thanks to my job of supplying them with office supplies, and I know it's possible. I just need to give it some thought and effort.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Torchwood and the Rest

So I finally finished off Torchwood Season 2. Not bad. In fact a vast improvement on season 1. There were some very affecting episodes (Adrift and Exit Wounds being the most powerful in my opinion).

Why is it they always leave the sexiest guest star until the last episode? This year it was the relatively unknown, but too yummy for words, Lachlan Nieboer. Gosh there I was trying to watch the episode but my mind was off in another world (Third Life should we say? ;) ) in the middle of a John Barrowman and Lachlan Nieboer sandwich.

Anyhew... moving quickly on... two characters were killed off... Owen (no loss there) and Tosh (my favourite Torchwood member :( ).

Second Life is now banned from this blog for your own sanity, Dear Constant Reader. Jae Villa will be posting about his life over on Jae's Second Life.

Just try to remember my obsessions do come to an end.*

Otherwise.. work tomorrow. Big sadness.
*This does not include Charles Dera related obsessiveness

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Partners In Crime: Doctor Who 4.01

Yes, it's that time of year again... it's the latest series of Doctor Who!!

And what a season opener we got... the Doctor, cute baby aliens, an insane villain, Catherine Tate and... ROSE!!!!

The story wasn't exactly deep nor meaningful. But it wasn't meant to be and it was fun. This episode was funny, endearing and the camera work was gorgeous. The scene when the Doctor and Donna see each other for the first (second) time and talk through glass was hilarious.

Sarah Lancashire was great as Miss Foster, and the brilliant big reveal where Donna rushes up and leaves a message with a blonde girl who turns to camera... and it's ROSE!

The best opening of New Who yet? YES!

Sooooooooooo Sorry

A little like Russia's Eurovision entry Dima Bilan, I've been a very naughty boy. My blogging over the last couple of weeks has been so atrocious as to be criminal. As I would wish Dima would, I humbly place myself at your mercy.

Second Life is still occupying my free time, hey I'm trying to save money before the holiday and real life stuff is expensive. *Jae glosses over the money spent in Second Life*. And really I'm in suspended animation awaiting my trip to Bangkok where there shall be the Balcony pub, tigers and the Sky Train!!

Oh and boys who might look like Alex above, although he has the benefit of being half Dutch. God, there was really no way he could be anything but beautiful with a lineage like that!

I will try to be a better blogger this month... oh and in a cruel revelation Brent Corrigan was lying about leaving us... given that the post was dated on 31/03/2008 I find it hard to fathom what he was thinking claiming it was an April Fool. And it wasn't very funny. Put me right off him, sadly. Alas... that's why you should never have heroes... because everyone is just as dumb as everyone else and having a hero is just begging for disappointment*

*Charles Dera not included in sweeping statement. ;)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jae Knows What He Wants For His Birthday....


Have you seen the new coin designs??? Now you may not know this, Dear Constant Reader, but this boy collects coins. Sad but true. My initial thoughts are positive, even if I'm a little peeved at the absence of Brittania.

27 days until my next holiday... Thailand here I come!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brent Corrigan Moves On?

As Dear Constant Readers will know, Brent Corrigan is one of those folks who have had a fairly consistent prescence on this blog. Ever since I first saw him I knew he was something special (thanks to Jim for turning me on to him, so to speak).

Well I'm sad to see it looks like he is withdrawing from public life, at least according to his most recent blog post. Well Mr Corrigan, I'd just like to say.. farewell and thanks for all the pics!! I'm also sad to see it looks like his relationship isn't going so well with his boyfriend. Sending my hugs over to Sean (his real name, which I once banned from being mentioned on this blog back during those dark days of the backbiting web campaign against him). It's a shame one such a talented individual moves on with their life, but hey I still await to see his performance in Another Gay Sequel which should be good. Best of luck to him for the future.

In other news... the BBC News page is looking all pretty. And the news from Zimbabwe isn't so bad either.

My addiction to Second Life has evolved into fascination. Well at least that's the distinction I'm now making and I'm sticking to it. If you wanna find me on there my Avatar is Jae Villa. He's such a cutie and looks particularly good in a Jim designed shirt. Yum! Also... he has got a denim jacket.... if I can't find one in real life at least I've got one online now!!

At some point I went a bit mad on Google Reader and now get 200 posts to read a day. I apologise for lack of comments around blogging universe... I do read every post from you lot, even Steve's posts in Dutch! I just don't have much time between my busy schedule of Second Life and sleep to actually making not so witty remarks on them. Sorry!