Saturday, March 01, 2008

UK Eurovision Selection Preliminary Notes

This years Eurovision selection show "Eurovision: Your Decision" is a little different and urge you to read their info page to see the massive changes that are being implemented.

So tonight we have...

Michelle Gayle

Singing Woo (U Make Me). The 30 second sample I've heard probably doesn't give the song the justice it deserves so I will reserve my judgement until tonight.

Rob McVeigh

Singing Owe It All To You. I'm not a big fan of ballads but this is actually quiet refreshing. Rob will be our first, and certainly not our last, reality tv refugee on the night.

Simona Armstrong

Singing Changes, pretty good. From Romania so not exactly a patriotic entry but certainly would help to infuse our entry with the spirit of Eurovision.


Singing Mr Gorgeous. Very Girls Aloud sounding. Not bad but a little cheesy. We did cheesy last year and we saw how that turned out (even if I do stand by my love for Scooch!). Our second reality tv dropouts of the night here, coming in from Pop Stars: The Rivals (where... Girls Aloud were formed!!)

Andy Abraham

Singing Even If. This is not a bad song, I'm just not a fan of Andy's style (nothing against the man himself). Andy hails from X-Factor 2005.

The Revelations

Singing It's You. The BBC says their song is "soulful, classic pop". I say this is a rip off of Abba. Not in a bad way but I can almost hear the strands of Waterloo in the background.

AH! Jemini just got shown on telly... *sob*. Do you think we could have all videos destroyed of that mess of a Eurovision entry?

Last year I got the feeling that Making Your Mind Up was really just a place for a bunch of has beens to try to reclaim their glory. This year is refreshing in that the only real "has been" is Michelle Gayle. It'll be interesting to see who wins.

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