Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ordeal

I hate visiting the barbers. It's true. I don't know why but I've got several theories:

1) allowing a perfect stranger to get up close and intimate while in the possession of scissors and automatic moving blades. 2) having to keep up a conversation for half an hour with a perfect stranger, when you dislike small talk intensely. 3) sitting in a chair made for midgets while a woman half your size attempts to direct you to move your head up and down and to sit lower in the chair so she can just reach your hair on tip toes. 4) men waiting at the barbers tend to take on the least appealing male characteristics; a loud love of football, stupidity and a deep and impassioned defense of territory.

The only good thing is that the barbers is the last place in the country where the power of the British queueing system still holds complete authority. Just you try to go before someone else! EVIL STARE OF DOOM FOR YOU! Oh let's take our mind of this and look upon someone gorgeous...

Oh my God... I've managed to avoid day time TV all week... until today. OH MY GOD! Do people actually watch this? Property shows, This Morning, and the promise of Loose Women... oh no... AH but here is Anthony Stewart Head to save us...

Why do people watch property shows??? My brain starts to seep out of my ear at the mere mention of anything less than Grand Designs (which is just about bearable as it's about slightly interesting properties). Oh wow! It's another BOG STANDARD semi detached house. It's not like I see one of those a million times a day!

Sad News: I've gone off Charles Dera. I've seen him in straight porn and discovered to my horror that there is nothing that puts me off a guy more than seeing him having sex with a woman (it also put me off my dinner). Eww... It gives me a whole new respect for Ex Gays.

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  1. I hate the barbers too. How did it end up? Bryn

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