Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back To Bangkok?

Jim went off to hospital unexpectedly yesterday, but was back home by the time I arrived. Amazing how worried I get about that kind of thing.

On Tuesday Jim and I were discussing holidays and of course Bangkok was mentioned. I didn't realise just how much I miss Bangkok until it was brought up again. Reading my blog from the time (check out May 2006) I now remember just how much of a good time we had. So we have provisionally stencilled in a return in May 2008. Which would be LOVELY!

Holidays plans coming up: Jim is off to Boston, USA for a couple of weeks on Sunday so I may have a week off work and go down to Folkestone for a few days. Mmm... home cooked meals, nights out with my mates and the SEA.

In July/August Jim, Ian and I will be heading to Brittany for a week staying in what looks like a beautiful bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. I haven't been to France in a long time and as our last proper holiday was May last year I am very much looking forward to it.

It's too hot at work at the moment, it's very sunny and our landlords won't turn the heating off. With our air conditioner out of action I am now spending my afternoons barely working at all. I don't like heat when I'm working. It's my belief I'm descended from people who lived within the Artic Circle... the colder, the better is my opinion. Walk in freezer... that's what we need!

Spring must be arriving, the butterflies are out and pidgeons have started to get disconcertingly amourous with each other in public. Can't wait for summer, all those topless men... Not that'd I'd perv of course. Purely mentioning it because of it's a sign of the summer... yeah... that's it...

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  1. what? wait a sec... two lines on Jim?? Hope all is well - since he's out and about and you're discussing holidays, I gather all is well. happy travelling :)

  2. no one was more shocked than me...a whole 2 lines.....he must be after something ;-)

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