Saturday, March 17, 2007

One More Week

Yesterday... I don't know how I got that drunk. Honestly. I only had a few. Just a few.

But let's go back to yesterday lunchtime first for a story of horror, pain and disgust. I went to the vegetarian cafe. I haven't been in over a year and I think some strange force over took me when I agreed to go with Paul, Kallie, Jessica and Simon. Imagine walking into someone's front room. That's what walking into the veggie cafe is like. Imagine a woman named Naked Ruby not finishing her meal so popping outside to scrap it into the gutter. That is the veggie cafe. Imagine the cook appearing from the kitchen, expressing shock at having customers, and quickly writing up the menu on the blackboard.

I choose Thai Green Curry,imaging the sweet taste of the Thai Curry with the crunch of properly cooked vegetables on a bed of properly boiled rice. What I got was a tasteless mush. Kallie wouldn't admit it wasn't nice, I think she thought my complaints about the cafe and its food were based on some anti vegetarian streak. They were not. They were based on an anti bad food streak.

Anyway... after work we headed to the Riverside for some drinks. I only had 4 or 5 pints but I got BLADDERED. Really drunk. I got home and headed straight back out the fried chicken place up the road and drunkenly demanded food. LOTS OF FOOD. Of late I have been losing my appetite. Not last night.... mmmmm....

For news about everyones favourite boy, Brent Corrigan, check out Rants From A Mysterious Place and Jason Curious. Looks to me like he is suffering quite a bit so maybe send him some love as well over at his blog.

I just saw my first new 20 pound note.. Very pretty.


  1. Cool blog, I like it!
    and about the drinks, remember the rule of TWO, You just remember the first and the last drink, and everything in between isn't important :D
    greets, Mark
    My Blog.. I guess

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