Sunday, March 18, 2007


Jim left the country today for two weeks in Boston, USA. :( I will miss him so much, even though he probably won't believe that. Love you Jim. xxx

Today is Mothering Sunday so I have spent the day with my mother and family down in Lympne. OK... traveling by train is getting silly. The service is fine, but the passengers are so dumb it hurts. I arrived at Greenwich station to find a group of nine fully grown adults gathered around a ticket machine unable to work out how to work it. It turns out these were actually 3 separate parties so I can't blame genetics. Perhaps Southeastern need to start night courses on their machines for the deeply dumb? After sorting them out I stood in my normal spot on the station whereupon someone asked me what platform was for London Bridge. I looked above me and checked the Departures board was working. It was. I pointed at it (not more than a foot above my head, if they were looking up anyway they must have been able to see it) and said pointedly "THIS ONE".

It was, however, lovely to see my family and I look forward to going back down in a weeks time for a few days with them. Glad to see Angel cat still remembers me. Less pleased to see Noodles the dog still remembers me. More pleased to note Tinkerbell cat treats me as a mere stroking machine and doesn't give a damn who I am. \

Having had time to ponder the Scooch victory I see it as being quite startingly out of line with the last few songs. I wonder if the public weren't just sick of the celebrities turning every television show into another edition of the soap opera of their lives. Brian Harvey, Big Brovaz, Justin Hawkins and, to a lesser extent, Liz from Atomic Kitten are all tired celebrities being wheeled out to give them one more chance. Maybe that is what lead to a Cyndi and Scooch sing off. I, for one, am totally bored of seeing failed celebrities constantly trying to reinvent themselves. There is a reason they are failed celebrities.

Now Scooch could be considered as doing exactly what I just moaned about except ask a group of people and almost all of them will never have heard of them before. So I wouldn't call them celebrities. ;)

Scooch, I am 100% behind you but I do have one reservation... PLEASE DON'T DO A JEMINI! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Now let's see the video!

How can to you not love that?

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