Sunday, October 26, 2003


Wednesday night Gareth stayed over, Thursday I went out with John and Zoe to Ashford. I came second in bowling (woo!) and Zoe bought a bowling pin... very cool. We braved rain and hail to get to McDonalds and Spoons before heading to Cineworld to see... Finding Nemo... again.

Friday I applied for a new job in my company, wish me luck! Also wandered to train station caught train to Ramsgate, watched telly and ate Gareth's food. He and Jon had gone to London for the day and got back about 1 am. Skipped overtime on Saturday as was very tired. After as cooked breakfast (mmm...) Gareth and I spent the rest of the day doing.. nothing at all! Watched some movies (the Living End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Also saw I Think I Do with the gorgeous Alexis Arquette.

Now watching England Vs Samoa in the Rugby World Cup.. can't decide who I want babies with... the English team or the Samoan....

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