Monday, October 20, 2003

Fireman Jae

Oops. I forgot to tell you about the most exciting part of the week! On Friday I did some first aid fire fighter training (you what?). I got to put out fires and stare at cute fire instructor (drool running down my face as I keenly answered all his questions) for the whole morning. I am now fire marshall for my team. Woo!

Ok Saturday Jon, Gareth and I went off to Canterbury, and had a few drinks at Bar 11. I felt really old in there! (am only twenty so that is saying something!) gareth and I briefly went to the Beer Cart Arms which was very scary for a change. (Scary - straight)

After that we headed to Caddies where there were like 3 other people. Oh yes looks like Girls and Boys (that scary, scary place. Also very hot) has stolen all the business. So we left early, got a kebab and Gareth stayed over mine.

Sunday Mum was in one of her moods (involves lots of cleaning) so we made an early escape, headed for Canterbury, did some shopping *Jae proudly glances at his copy of Halloween 4)* and had some fish and chips. Mmmm...

Went to Asda's where Gareth bought the biggest TV in the whole world! He he... had fun getting that in his little car. Got to his, had dinner, watched Crush (another weepy movie) and Catch Me If You Can. Went to sleep. Awoke at some fiendishly early hour (6 in the morning is scary!) and I walked to Ramsgate station and got the train to work.

Floorwalked all day and was rushed off my feet. Just watched Halloween 4 which is not as bad as I feared.

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