Monday, October 13, 2003

Critically Thinking

Saturday consisted of: work (surprise!!) and a nice evening over Gareth's. The family is back from the villa in Spain.

I am begin to feel really detached from my mates in Folkestone, can't wait for Wednesday when I will have enough money to go out and about properly again!

Sunday me and Gareth meet Jon in Canterbury and we had a very gorgeous roast dinner at Bar 11, followed by dessert (oh how civilised!). Mine was a white chocolate cheese cake with fresh toblerone topping. Exactly how fresh Toblerone differs to none fresh I have no idea. But it was orgasmiccally good!!! mmmmmm.....

We went to cinema afterwards, and found only thing on was Cabin Fever. Jon politely declined to join us in watching it. Gareth and I regretted our decision to watch it even before we saw it. We felt we should of offered to come watch a DVD with Jon. Our regret only grew after we watched it as we realised it was a great big pile of poo. It is somewhere between About Schimdt and *grates teeth* The Hole on my list of worst movies of all time. It was piffle, the meanderings of a particular gross child. Not scary. Not funny. Not worth the price of a ticket.

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