Monday, October 06, 2003

Never An Easy Way

I always forget how much hard work relationships are, and no matter how many I have I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that relationships are all about compromise. This weekend I decided my current relationship was worth the hassle of all the shit that comes with sharing your life with someone. *fill space with sickenly sweet lovey-dovey stuff*

So Saturday me and Gareth stayed in and I cooked a meal for us to eat while we watched I Am Sam, which was quite good. Made me cry (finally something that proves I am gay... I cry at movies!! Woo!!!)

Sunday. We headed to Gareth's to get his suit (he had an interview today) and then headed into Canterbury to get him a shirt and have a Starbucks. Stopped at Sainsburys and got some stuff for dinner, and finally headed back to mine via the scenic route (Alkham Valley).

By five dinner was ready and Zoe and Jon had arrived. It was very nice and thank you to them for coming!!

Jon disappeared and returned with Saul (and some beer.. mmmm....). After dispensing with beer Zoe headed home and us four blokes headed for Maidstone and the Queen Anne. (Not so interesting fact said pub is about 100 yards from where I was born! WOO!). It was quiet but nice (quiet is always good on a Sunday). We were joined by Neil (see London Pride) and a French guy.

Then some guy in leathers arrives and like children we run to the other end of the pub for a better view. Some (Gareth and Saul) hide at the back and giggle lots as guy begins to strip. It was most fun, specially when he said stuff to ME!!!! I turned him down as I am a wimp but hey... who cares??

he he..

Work was hell today. I was floorwalker for the newbies and have never been so busy. Did get an uninvited (but not unwanted) "Hello Jason How are you?" and a cute smile from Sexy New Guy (yay finally we have a replacement for Sexy Dutch Guy!!!)

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