Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Yes people you may look on that and say "Ooo...." I am feeling rather happy at the moment. Why? Life is grand. I can't list all my friends just by toes and fingers anymore. I have finished off any hint of fiscal problems with the taking out of a loan and the opening of a savings account. I have a boyfriend!! I can go on and on telling you how good life is at the mo.

So here is what I want to say: thank you. Thank you to all my real life friends who read this. And all of those who don't. To all my online friends who have listened to my whinges and whines and put up with my annoyingly self centred outlook on life.

So have a drink on me.... well ok.. not with my money... but buy yourself a drink and pretend it's from me to you as a thank. And if you don't drink... shame on you! :op

Interesting things... am having a meeting with the Director of my division at work.. hmm.... I've only been there 8 months! Angel is missing again. Probably going out tomorrow night. Forgot I was supposed to be moving to Ashford with Sarah. I am absent minded.....

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