Saturday, October 04, 2003

And Ye Harm None Do What Thou Will

That above statement summarises just about everything I believe in. I am constantly confounded by why very few other people seem to regard this statement as fundamental to a happy life. Why does it matter to anyone if I choose to marry someone of my sex? What does matter if I choose to have more than one spouse? What does it matter if I choose freedom over security?

Sometimes I worry that both sides of the politcal spectrum have missed out on what really matters. Pushing back Government controls and giving people real choice in how they live their lives. Society is but a grouping of like minded individuals. Why can't several hundred peaceful societies co-exist in one nation? Working towards a goal of peace and prosperity. Something only the ignorant, the afraid and the stupid would argue against.

*rant over*

OK... do I just attract wierdos or something? Do I just have this look that screams "TALK TO ME!!". Got on the train yesterday and sat opposite an extremely cute Italian, with the nicest bum ever... (glimpsed as he moved some bags). And he just looks at me and goes "Wanna see my Prada shoes?" "Not really" I say. "Wanna see my Prada trousers?" I don't think I need to go any further wth this conversation. It would only be me who sat opposite the gay, Italian, Prada enthusiast. Joy.

Yesterday the cutest bloke at work (one of the new guys) was buddied up with me for final training. Ooo... he is ssssoooooooo gorgeous.... I was most happy sitting there being teacher.. he he...

Gareth staying over at mo... yay!!!! Oh you are all invited to a cordial dinner at mine tomorrow.. around five. Followed by trip to Queen Anne for a drink and possible stripper action. How can you resist?

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