Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 11th Still Hurts

You know I'm a cynical, heartless bastard when it comes to mass media "events" like the death of Princess Diana or September 11th. Not to say I don't feel sad for the victims but the media buzz about it tends to make me keep my distance from any public displays of grief, which I find very fake.

Yesterday we were watching the September 11th memorial and started chatting about our "experiences" of the day. Then we started chatting about the horror suffered by those in the planes and in the buildings. And I'll admit there was some crying (not on my part but a teary eye I'll admit) in the break room at work. Millions die every year in allsorts of hideous ways. But there is something about what happened on September 11th which puts the events in the upper echelons of human misery... the way the people on the planes suffered. The way the people in the buildings suffered. All live on television. There are few more horrible ways to go.

We must never forget those people who died that day.

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