Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cruising The River Thames

Friday night, and I was pleased to be home from another week of work. Jim's Mum had arrived from Glasgow during the day so after a brief wash and change of clothes I headed down to meet her and Jim at the local. We had a few drinks with the (off duty) Antonio, and discussed the future of Brazil in world affairs (well Antonio and I did anyway!). Charlie, who was having his last shift behind the bar before he moves to Paris, helpfully mocked Jim and his Mum's Scottish accents. Awkward, but funny.

After taking Jim's Mum to her hotel, we settled back in at the local to say goodbye to Charlie and chat with a few regulars. I told Jim about my crush on a certain someone (who shall go unnamed) which surprisingly surprised him. And then it was time to go with an awkward hug for Charlie (I'm not a huggy sort of a person). Jim managed to avoid shedding a tear, something we should all be amazed by.

Saturday, I was up early and discovered via a Facebook chat that Mum had told my step dad last night she wants a divorce. I'm going to call my siblings later on today to try and make sure they are ok but a Facebook chat with Bethany suggests she is... After that little piece of drama we were up and away to Maggie's in Lewisham for a diet-busting cooked breakfast. Yum yum. Jim's Mum enjoyed it just as much as Jim and I predicted the first time we ever went there. Maggie's Irish charm made us all smile. Following another scarily healthy shop at Tesco's we wandered down to Greenwich Pier to catch a City Cruise ferry up the river. It's no Thames Clipper (as we went on the other week) but that is to be expected as they serve different needs... City Cruises are for sightseeing and are accompanied by a commentary given by a crew member (who come in varying degrees of interest and knowledge, but as they say they don't get paid to do the commentary just keep as afloat).

The Thames was very busy as it was the Thames Festival, and there was steam boats aplenty and stuff going on all along the banks. We got off at Westminster and had a wander by the Palace and the Abbey. I foolishly went to get a bottle of water in the Tesco's by the tube station and discovered it was in fact a one aisle assault course. Never again.

We then caught a boat to Tower pier and another home to Greenwich (the final trip had the best commentary and we even discovered where Cher used to live... he was certainly the most knowledgeable of the three commentaries). We had an evening in with Jim's paleo curry. Yum. Pictures of the day can be found on my Flickr.

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