Monday, September 21, 2009

All Change Please?

Are their big changes ahead in the lives of Jim and Jae? Possibly. Little spoken dreams of moving out of the big smoke and back into the country have slowly come together into something more. Not quite a firm plan, but certainly a firm shared desire on our parts to move to Kent. I want to go to get away from London and return to the warm embrace of familiarity and comfort that is my home town. Jim wants to get away from London, save lots of money and live by the sea.

So what are the benefits:

1) I'm tired of London. A little time away might bring back my rose tinted glasses and return London to my favourite city, like it was in 2005.
2) I'm useless at keeping in contact with my friends in London and outside of it. Being back home should make keeping in contact with my mates there a little easier and having friends in London should mean I come back to visit every so often!
3) more house for our money. One bedroom flat on a busy road in Greenwich versus three bedroom house on the seafront in Folkestone? No contest really is there.
4) Fresh air
5) Wonderful scenery (Kentish men are really, really hot).

And the drawbacks:

1) Public transport is so much better here in London and as a hardcore pedestrian this is has allowed me a level of freedom I simply don't have back home.
2) Employment options are limited, the pay very much reduced and career advancement nearly non existent. Whilst part of me thinks "So what? I DON'T WANT A CAREER!" (and to be perfectly blunt, I don't. Life is too short.), I do want to at least try to pull my weight with money in this relationship.
3) Erm... err... erm...

Yeah I'm sure there are actually lots of drawbacks and perhaps it's a case of the grass is always greener, but one must sometimes take a leap of faith. So whilst Jim plans exactly where he wants to live, I've dusted off my CV and put it up. Dear Kentish Constant Readers keep an eye on the Herald jobs section!!

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  1. Exciting times ahead and I can understand your desire for a change. Living in Norwich (if you know it) I am blessed with a pretty quiet city, a short drive from town and I'm enjoying rural countryside or travel about 40 minutes from town by car and I can be sitting on a beach. :D Your destination sounds lovely and will certainly be a contrast from Greenwich.

    I have never lived in London, I have considered it but quickly realise I wouldn't enjoy it. I have spent time in London and have a few friends living there. I always have this sense that London is an insult on the senses in so many ways and stressful; much rushing around and living 'fast lives'. That said, I love visiting, it is a great place.

    I think as you suggest you will find more time for your friends and probably for each other witch is good. I hope you are fortunate in finding employment and a nice home to start a new chapter in your life.

    (markys_tweet from twitter)