Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Night On The Town

As you may have guessed from the blurry, drunken pictures posted here last night, I took a dive off the new lifestyle wagon and landed in champagne, wine, Staropramen and a really lovely cinnamon ice cream.

It was Karen's birthday (again) and to celebrate an even larger group than last time headed into London. Jim, Denis, H, Karen, Hillary, Graham, Antonio, Mark and Jo were in attendance. We made our way to Ev Restaurant. It's a huge, clean, and rather lovely Turkish restaurant hidden near Southwark station. Jim, Denis, H and I had the Tam Menu (all of it) and it was delicious!

After that we headed to a nearby pub called the King's Arms, and thought "I've had sex on this street". Yeah.. I certainly got around.

Had a really great evening. :D

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