Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Night In Soho

Last night, after work, Jim, Denis, H and I headed to Yauatcha for a meal (although we managed a quick drink in The John Snow, it's a Sam Smith's pub and sadly I decided to have a bourbon and coke. YUCK!).

Yauatcha is a dim sum restaurant in Soho, and one Jim had I went to a couple of times back when we first started going out. Back then the food was delicious but the staff were... RUDE. Well... there has been a pleasant surprise. The food is still delicious (again must recommend the Venison Puffs which are practically heaven in a foodstuff) but the staff are now friendly, attentive and pleasant! It was a very good night, finished off with some beers (well I had a beer, the other three sampled the wide range of fruity ciders available) at the Crown and the Two Chairmen, which was a pub with good music and good atmosphere despite what the reviews say!

When I say finished off, obviously we did stop for a quick JD and Coke in the local where we dropped off Denis, H and... my phone.

It was a good night, in my opinion!

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