Sunday, November 05, 2006

You've Gotta Love Christians

Just like those sci fi convention attendees dressed up as Borg, Cylons and Wookiees there is something darn cute about Christians.

Just read a copy of one of the Jehovah Witness' magazines like Awake. Filled with cutesy pictures of a happy family life, and of paradise. Bless them for their optimism!

But my favourite example is creationism. Specifically dinosaurs and creationism. See Christian Answers attempts at an explanation. I particularly like the concept that animals didn't eat meat before the Flood. They couldn't have evolved they carnivorous teeth after the Flood so they... erm... we don't know, we will just gloss over that point...

So, it could be that animals ate dead animals once in a while before the Flood, but that few (if any) animals killed for food until sometime after the Flood. This seems to make sense, since the fossils show that the pre-Flood world had plenty of plants to eat. The animals probably did not need to kill to live.


Could it be that tyrannosaurs were mostly plant-eaters, not meat-eaters? The shape of their teeth alone can't tell us what they ate. (that's so true!) Perhaps they used their sharp teeth and claws to tear up tough plants and fruits, not dinosaurs. Obviously sharp teeth can serve other purposes than simply cutting meat, just as kitchen knives can be used for cutting carrots as well as steaks.(a prehistoric Gordon Ramsay?)

Bless them. Christians are wonderful, cute, cuddly nice people who believe the world is only a few thousand years old, dinosaurs lived with humans (we've all seen the Flintstones), animals were all very nice until after the Flood, and that before the Flood the world was an amazing wonderland and now it's just a shadow of it's former self. They seem to think that deserts are inherently bad and didn't exist before the Flood (which makes me think they may not be correct... deserts aren't bad, just not pleasant for some overly pampered people). It's all very airy fairy.

I'd love to believe that shit. Sadly I would probably be considered delusional and sent off to an asylum. Obviously my interest in Cryptozoology is nothing like the escapism of creationism... not at all... Darn... I am delusional!!


  1. The other point that doesn't work in their explanation is the fact that the flood was supposed to wash away the evil of the world (essentially, God shaking up his etch-a-sketch). So, if the animals used to eat plants and fruits but after the flood ate meat, and killed, isn't that more evil?

    Oh well, they can believe what they want, they couldn't kill the evil ducks/geese/fish :) as Eddie Izzard points out, a flood couldn't kill them. Surely Noah would've been overrun by birds and fish in their new, clean but quite soggy world.

    Happy C&C Monday :)

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