Monday, November 27, 2006

I Feel Pretty

I'm BACK! Oh yes, I have returned from Lochgoilhead and have had a fab weekend.

Jim and I arrived at Glasgow Airport on Friday and met up with most of the curling team, plus a new addition Zoe, and headed for Lochgoilhead. It was very strange. I haven't seen any of them since last year, and that was the first time I met them, but it all felt so comfortable as we settled down in the Blue Room for drinks. Many, many drinks were had. Dinner was quite a source of amusement. One of the starters was "chilled fruit". If you can guess what was served I will buy something from your Amazon wishlist for you! Most of us were pretty zonked so hit the sack early, that is after the last lot had arrived with another new addition: JD.

Saturday and breakfast was GORGEOUS. So much... and nobody seemed to like their black puddings so more for me and Jim. Yum. 10am and it was time for the first game of curling. This year Mike the trainer left us alone as he kinda trusted us and after Jim gave a brief demonstration as a fresher (and minimal training for Zoe and JD) we were off. My team was Andy, Zoe and I. We lost both our games on Saturday. :( But I did enjoy the curling more and felt a lot more confident.

Saturday night was the dinner dance and it was cool. JD had quickly established himself as the life and soul of the party. He decided he was bored and so after dancing with every woman in the room, befriending everybody else and generally being a socialite he bought us all a round of shots. And another. And another. Jim decided to end this malarky. By buying us all a flatliner. I believe most of us suffered second degree internal burns. OUCH!

Sunday. We WON a game of curling. In style no less... Both my final stones of the final end ended dead centre of the head. Woo... Sunday afternoon was really quiet and I went for a walk round the loch.

Sunday evening... nice dinner (venison... yum!) and more drinks. Thought we had a ghost in our lodge but we soon found out it was just the banging of an external door. Eagle 2 was the gay lodge this year with Jim, Alistair and JD. Luckily we had a straight guy over or we probably would have never got to sleep that night. Ok... maybe it was just me who wouldn't have slept!

Really good weekend... looking forward to next year already!

Pictures, longer discussion and stuff to follow...


  1. If curling were combined with golf you could use curling irons!

    Good to hear what you jocks were up to last weekend. As for flatliners, off to Google to find out what it might be.

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