Monday, November 06, 2006

The Great Ape Project

As some may know I have a passing interest in zoology. Recently I have been studying up on evolution and humans closest surviving relations; bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans.

They are amazing creatures. Not only are their social systems intricate (and in the case of the Bonobos very fun sounding) but individuals have been know to communicate with humans and engage in artistic expression. See for example Kanzi and Michael. I found the fact that Michael still remembered, and could communicate about, his mothers death at the hands of poachers to be quite distressing.

Now that humans are getting to the point of being able to survive without killing wild animals (and when I say this I mean culturally, technologically we probably reached this point around the time of the Sumerians for crying out loud) surely we should be going out of our way to protect the Great Apes above all others for they are probably the closest we're going to find to intelligent life outside our species any time soon!

That's why I ask you take a minute or so to go and read the Great Ape Projects Declaration and sign it if you agree.


  1. Jae,

    It's amnazing just how close we are to the great apes. I think perhaps, I see more human like behavior in the chimpanzees, than in orangutans or gorillas.

  2. Anonymous8:38 am

    God created us all the way we are now, not to be descended from apes! Read up on it abit more. Evolution is still a theory without solid proof.

  3. Ah, Mr Anonymous, welcome!

    Although I don't agree with you, that's a little beside the point. Great Apes are intelligent to a greater degree than many other lifeforms so may deserve some degree of respect from us whether or not they are related, don't you agree?

    And if God created us exactly how we are why did he create us ill suited to bipedal movement, causing great wear and tear on our hips and associated joints? Sounds like a very unintelligent creator to me!

    And if there is no proof for evolution why did God create so many creatures that have sinced died out? Did he make mistakes?

  4. lol...if Evolution is still a theory without solid proof...whats religion?, i mean come on, we are hardly tripping over ourselves with proof in that department either are way.

  5. Anonymous10:41 pm

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