Friday, November 03, 2006

Jae Loses His Faith

How can there be a God? Have you looked around you recently? Human beings are probably the most unlikely creation of any kind of God (unless said God has an amazingly twisted sense of humour!). We destroy everything we see, we are hateful, selfish, arrogant, dirty, and very unpleasant. Work in customer services for a little while and you'll come to see the truth in this.

I listen to the religious crazies going on about how we should let Jesus into our life, or follow the teachings of Mohammed. They preach love, understanding, goodwill and a twisted morality. Then the next day they are planting bombs on commuter trains or having sex with children/men/goats. Sometimes even a member of the opposite sex out of wedlock! The hypocrisy of it all disturbs me greatly.

I am a libertarian and I believe everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. But sometimes I wish I wasn't. I wish I was, as the crazies would call it, a "radical humanist".

They harp on about their religious freedom one minute then declare that a man and a man can't get married... where's the freedom in that? You can't live freely while expecting others to live by your morality. Obviously I'd rather marriage remained a purely religious/private matter. But while my tax money is being used to give benefits to married couples I darn well expect the same rights!!

I can't understand any God that created religious nuts. So I must finally put an end to my wavering Wiccan beliefs. I'll always have a special place in my heart for pagans. But I must be true to myself, and declare myself an agnostic.

Can you tell I had a horrible commute to work today? :)

Now let's all laugh at another hypocritical Christian. Don't you just love it when they get caught out? Let he who is without sin...


  1. You bring up an interesting point. Is there any other animal that hates, or declares war against each other? The only violence other animals have is for survival, to fight for food. Maybe we can learn something from the apes.

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