Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vertigo 42

Last night involved a trip in a lift that went a very long way up. :(

As our accounts manager was leaving we had booked some standing room at Vertigo 42 (which is on the 42 second floor of Tower 42, which used to be the Natwest Tower).

Entering the lobby I got the impression of faded glory. It had airport like security, but it all seemed very early nineties. We got to the lift and I prepared myself for one of my least favourite thing... but it wasn't too bad. Sarina held my hand all the way.

Vertigo 42 was less a bar and more a glorified corridor with a wall on one side and a 183m drop on the other. The staff were friendly and the champagne flowed (too much in my case). It was a tad dull but there was plenty of conversation.

I was outted to the few remaining people who didn't know I was gay at work (the blind, the deaf and the new).

It was an okay night... ended by a pinch on the bum in the lift down, loitering outside Tower 42 and then a walk to Bank Station holding Kallies hand. Yeah.. I was drunk...


  1. Hello you! You didn't reply to my text you cheeky so-and-so! Vixie and I are engaged, Woo and Yay! You free on saturday the 2nd of december?

  2. Sorry! I remember reminding myself to reply and I forgot...


    Of course I'm free on the 2nd of December!

  3. Anonymous4:03 am

    Holding hands with 2 girls? How adorable is that!?

  4. It's the first time i've ever held a girls hand in public.

  5. Being a Yank, I have to remind myself that there are parts of the world that doesn't have an over abundance of elevators like we do.

    After I made my first trip to London, I kind of joked with my friends, I don't know why you guys across the pond have a whole special name for an elevator. I think the only time I saw a lift was when I was at the British Museum.

  6. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Hey there I as much as I know what you mean about tower 42 (it is like a circular corridor), it is great though. Was there last year though still have not been back.

    Love your blog by the way. Always keen to hear what the rest of gay london is up to. Bryn x

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