Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Afraid To Fly?

I remember my first flight. It was 1996, I was just 13 and I was off to my grandparents villa in Spain. I loved everything about it, the security checks, the departure lounge, the plane, the flight and the sudden arrival in a country filled with foreigners.

My next flight after that wasn't until 2004 and it was to Prague. The flight was good and I was only slightly tense. Since then things have deteriotated to the point that this weekends flights were just horrid. I was terrified. Really, really nervous. I've flown over 20 times in the last two years and each flight makes me ever more afraid of flying. I don't quite understand why. Surely my experience of flying (and not dying) should reassure me? But no... I love flying, yet being in a plane makes me feel ill. :(

This story makes my head hurt. I'm torn between two different positions. As a libertarian I think our laws regarding third party arbitration are wonderful. People should be able to choose who they want to arbitrate their disputes, and still have the High Courts as a backup in case one party is reluctant to agree to third party arbitration. But I have my reservations. I think it would be very possible that families might pressure some people to go in for a Sharia decision making process when they might not want to. The fact that some families are pretty good at forcing "loved ones" into marrying against their will kind of backs me up on this.

If someone was coerced into such a binding third party agreement it would completely undermine our legal system. I believe it is better for one law for all, even if that does mean more red tape and more money.


  1. Sorry I don't have time to read thru your blog as in an internet café as usual... just to say if you're still free on the 2nd then you should join Vixie, Elliot, myself and well over 100 other people for this year's big join meet in central, basically we'll be in the pub from 5pm having a laff and a haff so would be cool to cya, and anyone else ya fancy bringing really. Loads of us are also going to The Church on sunday, will be an awesome wkend so why not come along eh mister. :)

  2. Remember flying is supposed to be the safest way to travel!

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