Sunday, July 16, 2006

Joinees, Pirates, Anitpodeans and Brighton

Now yesterday was not as good as it should have been. This is no reflection on the day itself, rather a reflection on my state of mind. I was not (and am not) in the best of moods. But still I did enjoy myself a little (begrudgingly... ;o) )

Met up with Sam America at Clapham Junction and caught a train to Brighton. The journey wasn't too bad despite the amount of people on the train. Getting off the train at Brighton Station I pondered how much I love Brighton yet can never really enjoy it... I'm always a little bit down when I'm there. Cursed, I tell ye!!!

Anyway we wandered to the beach, had a packed lunch and a snakebite in the Walkabout where the Australians of Brighton had gathered on masse to watch rugby. We'd arranged to meet John and Elliot at Brighton Pier so afterwards headed there past way too many half naked Gods of the Beach. I suppose I should point out Elliot and John are Joinees and yesterday was their third annual Pirates RAoK MEet. So there was a lot of people dressed up as pirates and they were busy organising a Cutlass Amnesty (genius...). After more pirates had arrived we headed to the beach and on the way grabbed lots of free bottles of water from kindly members of a Sports Relief run...

Within minutes of being at the beach Sam and I decided we needed alcohol and the pirates wanted rum anyway so we wandered up to St James Street to find some. Ah.... how I love St James Street... With alcohol in hand we returned the beach and had a lovely time... Joinees are by their very nature a friendly and kind bunch. We had a Bonnie style party to go to in Tooting so we made our excuses and of course we got offered a lift to the station. RAoK (Random Acts of Kindness) are a Joinee requirement. On the way Joinee Goldy played Avenue Q songs and we had a singalong in the car... perfect.

Headed to Tooting carrying with us and consuming at regular intervals Snack-a-Jacks and a box of wine. Classy. Sam America may have been a little drunk. Meet up with Tamara at Vauxhall and wandered to Bonnies BBQ. Had a good time there then got a lift home with Paul. Thanks Paul!!

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  1. Seems like you had a good time. Of course, I'm jealous that you all sang along to Avenue Q without me.

  2. Glad ya had fun dude!

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