Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jae Loves The Interweb

I love my new 24 meg connection. I just downloaded something, and it came down at 1.5megs a second. I was impressed... considering it wasn't the only thing being downloaded at the time!!! Mmm... porn is sooo easy now, and copyright law? Who needs that huh? :o)

Go check out Brent Corrigan who is getting sexier by the minute!!!

I have a new tenant on the right hand side, you know the drill! Click and make Jae happy! Last week was the most successful yet which cheered me up no end!!

I am reattempting to read At Swim, Two Boys for the third time... this time I WILL FINISH IT!!!


  1. flotis11:47 pm

    are u a bel ami or falcon boy?

  2. lol!
    I recently got 22mb dsl in the UK (not many people have it) and I was totally blown away by an ISO of 650mb being done in less than 10 mins.

    last month I downloaded a terrabyte, comon...who needs to download a terrabyte? first there's 22mb and then there's all the cash for dvd's and external hard drives. no time to listen to all that music, no time to watch every single movie...

    oh it's so tough with fast internet eh? :-)

  3. Have you noticed though, that although we have 24Mb and 22Mb , we both only manage about 12Mb and 8Mb, respectively.(650MB in 10 mins = 8Mb/s, and 1.5MB/s = 12Mb/s). Ive yet to speak to anyone that gets native 24Mb/s download. I think you need to live IN the exchange to get that sort of speed.

  4. I want to say I'm a Falcon boy. I love muscle, and I love that look. But I'm not... I'm really a Bel Ami boy secreting lusting after Johan Paulik (blast from the past or what) and Dano Sulik. Let's not even mention Mark Aubrey... *faints*

    Please note my new address "The Exchange", Greenwich.

  5. All I can say is I am jealous about this amount of speed that you have. Grrr.

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