Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Blog. My Rules.

God. I've realised that I have become obsessed with hits, comments and blog rankings. This is not what this blog is for. I do this for me and no one else. I don't have ads (I may be a slut but I'm no whore!) so I shouldn't worry about how many people read this. I have you Dear Constant Reader and that's more than enough.

Now...I can't wait to see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Brokeback Mountain, King Kong and, of course, Narnia! All of them look awesome (especially King Kong, featuring a 9 minute scene of King Kong versus... 3 T-Rexs!!! It's enough to make a dino addict do unmentionable things...).

George Michael plans to marry his partner. Well that's amazing... I didn't realise gay marriage was legal, let's go read the Civil Partnership legislation again *turns through pages studiously* oh wait.... it's NOT! BBC News get you fucking facts right. Sorry to swear, you know I don't like to, but it's SICKENING that the Governments spin machine has fooled even most of us moxes. Civil Partnerships are just one plank in this governments efforts to segregate and seperate each part of our Kingdom into small inward looking "communities" of consumers. Hey let's pander to Sinn Fein and the DUP. Fuck true equality in Northern Ireland. Hey let's give each community a new name!! British-Indians, British-Pakistanis, British-Kiwis. Brilliant. Oh let's just get rid of British altogether! Let's give the queers a piece of the pie but make sure the fundamentalists know it's not the same as marriage. But hey imagine how much money the "gay marriage" business will squeeze out of those desperate fools....

I am British. Each and every other subject of her Brittanic Majesty is my equal. Gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, disabled or stupid.... we are one people, with many facets. Multiculturalism and a tolerance of segregation is killing this country. It's time someone did something about it.


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  2. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is really good!

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