Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Coming Out and In and Out and In And Out

Hmm... Natalie had a good point about the perpetual closetedness of homosexuality. New person at work at the moment and I managed to catch Kim outing me to her (not that I minded, that's all cool with me) just today. Which kinda proves Natalie's point.

I used to be pretty forward in coming out. At Three Valleys I came out almost immediately, mainly because me and Stacey (whom informed me today it's 38 days till here birthday, year in and year out the Stacey birthday countdown is as reliable as the tolling of Big Ben) were sharing mags (AXM, what was I thinking?) and Elina picked it up and forced my not very reluctant hand. But when I started at the new place I didn't bother, and for a while I didn't really correct people's assumption I was straight. That wasn't because I was ashamed, but because I couldn't be arsed.

Anyone else feel like this? It's mind numbingly tedious having to put up with people's assumption that I'm straight (no sarky comments Mr Jim please...) and really why should I constantly be forced to out myself? Next time I'm in that situation I will not come out. Just for fun of course... how long can I convince people I'm straight? Hmm...


  1. Ok, no half naked man in panty pants... but yes.. does one have to 'come out' everytime they are amongst new people?
    I had to be 'very gay' when i started working in my job cos i'm physically quite close to my clients and found them more comfortable when ladies are half naked infront of me.
    But oddly enough my hairdresser thinks i'm "metrosexual" which has become an omnivorous term as bisexual seems an outdated term.
    Normally i just attract girls unintentionally and get ignored by guys :p
    I guess if someone asks you if you are or not it's up to you to be as truthful as you can be but really, is it anyones business anyway?
    Must i have a buggery rainbow flag hanging out of every orifice??

    Thanks for the pics, it keeps me mechanics workin.. hehehe

  2. I dont have to come out, people normally assume that im gay. I have had a few people say to me "why have you not got a girlfriend?" I just say "are you serious love? Shut that door!" They dont ask again!


    *thanks for linking my blog btw, I will link yours on mine*

  3. how long can I convince people I'm straight?

    he he ...ha ribs hurt!!

    what is the unit of time thats less than a pico second anyway?

  4. I get this at work all the time because I work with kids and people automatically assume that because I'm good with then I must have my own.

    It doesn't bother me and I don't expect them to know or be overly cautious about how to speak to me. It's perfectly natural to assume I'm straight. I guess it's all done on a percentage probability factor and, despite many gay men thinking otherwise, we are still a minority.

    Jae, thanks also for adding my blog to your site :0)

  5. Oh the eternal question of whether to 'out' oneself everytime you meet a new person! To be honest what has it got to do with them where I stick my dick anyway!!
    I don't ask every new person I meet if they are straight so why do I have to let everyone know that I'm gay?
    The only intention for this question to be asked by the breeder brigade is so they can protect themselves against us throwing themselves at them because as we all know we are rampant sex machines who will screw everything male that walks!!!

    Oh my mistake, some of us do!!!

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