Friday, November 04, 2005

Jim Gives Jae A Crazy Idea

 So over a roast pheasant dinner and a bottle of Pinot Grigio at Inside (our fave Greenwich restaurant) last night, Jim suggested I apply to join the police. I'm a little tired of customer service and feel it's time I start looking for something that interests me, as well as pays the bills (and the police force does that... in fact it's a lot more money than I'm on now!). Every career advisor I ever saw said "Join the police" and my Nan would probably collapse with excitement if I got to the passing out ceremony... So what does my Dear Constant Reader think?
Obviously I'd have to get fit first... but any reason why I shouldn't?


  1. it is possible they see your imposing physical structure a reason why being part of the police force is a career option.
    But i would prefer, merely as a humble reader, you to persue a more intellectually rewarding career.
    Someone who makes the descions rather than, follows them, police have to deal with the public/customer service
    As for money, think nothing of it, for it is the root (omg that word!) of all evil and as for jim, he just wants you to dress up in a police uniform and give him regular body searches.

    Just do what you believe is right.

    i'm pressing return alot aren't i?

    Show us a hot guy!!

  2. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Im afraid I have to disagree "o", I would say that the police force is one of "the" most intellectually rewarding careers. Every day they have to evalute, adapt and overcome a variety of situations using intellect alone, where instant decisions have to be made depending on the situation.

    I think he would make a great policeman. He is intelligent, thoughtfull and bares an imposing power of command. I just wonder how he would cope with confrontation though?

    Well he'd have 18 weeks to decide if it was for him or not :-)

  3. dude if you wanna go for the police, i'l support you! I have htought about it but, can u imagine me with any power? Disaster!
    Police sounds cool

  4. *looks for big night stick*

  5. yer jae.. show us yer 'cool nightstick'...

    does that mean jae could be on 'the bill'?

  6. ooo... there's some real cuties on the bill.. yum!!

    sam the idea of you with power scares me to death! ;oP let's think no more of it!

    No... you can't see my truncheon... ;o)

  7. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I disagree with 'O'.

    I think the Police would be intellectually rewarding career. Besides the country is over-run with graduates and so called intellectuals who seem to stay in the education system for the best part of their lives avoiding real work.

    I'd go for it and would wish you the best of luck. However, knowing plenty of coppers personally, I'm not sure your politics would be welcome.


  8. Politics has no place in the workplace. I leave my politics for elections and blogging.

  9. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Hmmm, as much as you'd like to, I'm really not so sure you'd be able to leave politics at home in the Police.


  10. I've got my first assessment day for Kent Police on 2nd December! I think you'd make a great policeman :)

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