Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Mr Blue Sky

Firstly it's Holocaust Day. Let us all remember the horrors the human race can inflict upon each other. Guardian piece


I have been dating a guy caled Mark for last week and a half... meals, drinks and a panto. He is very nice. Will keep you posted.

Work continues pretty much the same... having resigned from floorwalking I am pondering moving on. Today Angela shocked me by going "this really isn't a job for men". I looked at her and told her she was speaking tosh. "Well I can tell you aspire to more Jason, although you'd never admit it. And you need a lot more, or you get bored"

"Angela", I said, "I sincerely hope everyone here aspires to more than this miserable existence!"

But that's Daily Mail readers for ya isn't it!

Family life.. after the shock of affairs and the evils of Beth things go along pretty much as usual.

"Even though you fool your soul,
Your conscience will be mine"

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